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No. Some "L" shaped shower curtain rods have floor support which comes up and attaches to the rod. I have seen these types in bathrooms with high ceilings and also in bathrooms with large skylights in the ceiling.

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Q: Do all L shaped shower curtain rods need a ceiling support?
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What kind of shower curtain do you need for an L shaped shower curtain rod?

No special shower curtain is needed for an L-shaped shower curtain rod. A regular shower curtain will adapt to the curve in the bar.

Can a Bobrick shower curtain rod be installed in the ceiling instead of the shower walls?

The Bobrick shower curtain cannot be installed in the ceiling. It is made be installed in the shower wall brackets.

How do you hang shower curtain on l shaped rod?

In order to hang a shower curtain on an I shaped rod, you will have to have the correct hooks. Then put the hooks around the rod. The open end of the hook will then have to be pushed through the hole at the top of the curtain.

How far should the shower curtain be from the wall?

Most shower curtains cover tubs that are 14 inches wide. The shower curtain should be where the tub "ends" and should be hung 7-8 inches from the ceiling.

Why do shower curtains stick to you in the shower is on hot?

They actually don't care about you.The hot water heats the air in the shower. The hot air has lower pressure and rises to the ceiling, escaping through the opening between the shower curtain and the ceiling. This process forces the relatively cold air in the rest of the room to sneak in under the curtain, thus forcing the curtain inward and (annoyingly) onto you.

What is the alternative to a shower curtain?

Try a StayDry Shower Curtain

Shower Curtain?

form_title= Shower Curtain form_header= Make your bathroom your oasis with a new shower curtain. What type of shower do you have?*= _ [50] What is the design style of your bathroom?*= _ [50] What color shower curtain do you want?*= _ [50]

What is the advantage of having a clear shower curtain?

One advantage of having a clear shower curtain is being able to see straight through the curtain. This prevents the need to have to open the shower curtain to see out of the shower.

What is the greek word for shower curtain?

The Greek term for the word shower curtain is kourtína ntous. Shower curtain is a type of accessory used in bathrooms.

Is the Ruffles Shower Curtain mold resistant?

I would use a white mildew resistant shower curtain liner behing the Ruffles shower curtain.

Shower curtain dimensions?

A standard shower curtain measures 72" X 72".

What is shower curtain in French?

A shower curtain is "un rideau de douche" in French.

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