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Of course *all* Men do not like Pantyhose, but most would definitely have to admit to appreciate women's legs in nylons/pantyhose at least some of the time.

Many Men are private regarding this pantyhose passion and most are embarrassed to admit that they love the look and feel and touch of nylon.

Its difficult for men to admit to their attraction to pantyhose mainly because of today's women have an aversion themselves to wearing hosiery. Adding to that a man doesn't want to be labeled as 'different' or weird.

Over all there is a look, a style, a color, a texture and even a smell that attracts most men to hosiery. It is this attraction where men prefer, silky, shiny, pattern, thick or thin. With the creation of lycra/spandex and adding this to the creation of the 100% nylon fiber has made huge strides in look and also in comfort. Now typically nylons that are 100% nylon are less desirable and also typically the least expensive.

Sizing is also very important to those ladies that wear pantyhose. The one size that for all is a terrible selection and the discomfort and the look of that single size is disappointing for all concerned.

Better hosiery is created with the use of greater weaving techniques, better materiel's and the amount of *LYCRA*, etc...

Most pantyhose fetishists can recall experiences that has happened in life and when growing up as a child.

Do all Men like Pantyhose? Absolutely not. But those that do seek women that wear pantyhose with a commitment strong and very bullish. A true male pantyhose fetishist will end a relationship because the woman he is with does not share his passion. For a person male of female to say that he will stop seeing and stop loving and stop being with his woman because she wont or doesnt wear hosiery. These men consider bare legs the pits.. and pass on a lady should she not have sheer hose on. These same men consider pantyhose as make up for the legs, and find it hard to imagine why a women would not wear pantyhose.

Women will once again start to wear pantyhose as a compliment to their attire. It may never be as prevalent as it was in the early 80's however all the sales stats are showing a strong rise in the purchase of pantyhose ans it should continue to grow. In reality it is a compliment to the woman's clothing of the day and well men are visual so many will acknowledge and appreciate those efforts.

In Poland, and most of Eastern Europe, pantyhose continues to be main stream just like they used to be in USA in the 1970'sand 1980's . Wearing pantyhose daily.

In Poland woman wear pantyhose, probably seven days a week, and probably Czech, Slovakian, Ukrainian, are somewhat similar. They wear them not only to the office or their job at the bank, but everywhere, even around the house and when going shopping, or wherever you see them they are always wearing them.

If you go shopping all sales women behind the counter in all stores wear pantyhose, and you see pantyhose everywhere you go. Similar to when you would go to hooterspantyhose and the hooters pantyhose website to see their attire.

In Eastern Europe where in the summer women will wear their suntan reinforced toe pantyhose with open toed sandals, and it is considered normal. In Eastern Europe pantyhose for women is a tradition, and that is not going to change.

In the USA women don't wear hosiery as much anymore unless to the office, a wedding the bank or maybe to court.

Hers to the new insurgence of women that wear pantyhose. Looking forward to this...

No... not all like pantyhose. But some do. There's such a thing as a "stocking fetish" and it's been around since... well, hosiery first existed. I think that really was the intention behind the invention. They do make legs look like the epitome of perfection. And they keep their shape. I hear women going on about how inconvenient they are: "They exist to make women look good and feel uncomfortable--like everything men want women doing." Some guys have the fetish. And yes, they are fashionable. And dirt-cheap. But... I kind of do. Does that help?

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Q: Do all men like pantyhose
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Can men wear pantyhose and shorts?

Yes I do this all the time. I love the feeling and looks of pantyhose and short shorts on me. And I like the looks of tights/pantyhose with short short on anyone with a good figure.

Do girls like men who wear pantyhose?

Some are accepting, some are not.

Why do straight men like to look at other men in pantyhose?

Wrong question!You need to firstly ascertain _if_ straight men like to do this, or if it is only _some_ straight men, or just one you know of.Because it's funny!!!I'm a straight guy and I like to wear pantyhose myself. I have not seen another guy wearing pantyhose so I don't know if I will like to look at his legs in pantyhose or not. I like to look at myself in the mirror for sure. I know I would admire anyone-male or female-in great shape and in fashionable clothes.

Can men wear pantyhose?

Yes men can wear pantyhose (tights) because they are not specificly desighned for women like a bra so by definition they are unisex clothing so wear away male and female

Do men like to wear pantyhose?

Yes I love the way they feel and they are not just for women

Do women like to wear pantyhose?

Some do some don't. It is 50-50 but most men love a woman wearing pantyhose, if you love your man then wear them for your man.

Men who like to wear pantyhose?

There are a few reasons (at least for me) support pantyhose help my legs feel better. I like the compression on my legs. Regular pantyhose just feel soft & silky. As for tights they are not only soft & comfortable, but they help keep you warm in the winter. Pantyhose / Tights are an article of clothing, why can't they be considered unisex?

Why dont Women like to wear Pantyhose anymore even though most Men like Women to wear them?

some women might think pantyhose are for old ladys...personaly I think so

Why do men smell pantyhose feet?

Like anything else of a sexual nature, some men enjoy it. Why is anyone's guess, but to each his own.

Why do men get an instant hard on when they wear pantyhose?

because they love the sexy silky feeling of it. every man has a feminism side. i am 14 years old i am a straight guy. but i do find it arousing to wear pantyhose or tight leotard pants. i used to find it arousing at first. but not anymore. i used to love getting hard on when wearing pantyhose/leotard leggings. another reason why men get hard on is because the men caress their legs in pantyhose. i know i love caressing my legs in pantyhose. i also like to rub them against each other. it feels good and very sexy and it sounds sexy. I as a boy have pantyhose/leotard pants fetish.

Would it be ok to wear pantyhose with shorts in public if you are a man?


Is it normal for your girl to wear pantyhose everyday?

yes.i like to see her wearing pantyhose.

Do guys look good in pantyhose?

While there are men who will look good in anything, mostmen would not look good in pantyhose.They form this enormous thing in my crotch every time I wear them!!

Why are pantyhose called pantyhose?

Originally pantyhose or tights were worn by men in Victorian times. They were worn like long socks or 'hose'. Women wore a longer version called stockings. As times moved on and women became more liberated, and the discovery of nylon, the hose was developed with a pant or panty attached. Hence pantyhose. Prior to this, silk and cotton stockings were worn.

Should a man like to wear pantyhose?

This is a good question. Why can't a man like to wear pantyhose? Couldn't a man wear pantyhose or tights just because they feel good? Why should there be anything wrong with a guy wearing pantyhose or tights? During WWII, the men wore pantyhose and tights to help stay warm as they marched and fought. On the other hand, what is wrong with women having their own culture and clothing that is specifically theirs? So, this is something that each guy needs to work out for himself.

Why are most online photos of pantyhose of men?

Because it is also a fetish

What did men cross dressing wear?

men who like to dress in women's clothes are called " crossdressers" as the name implies, they wear dresses, blouses, pantyhose and lingerie, also they like to wear women's jewelry, like earrings and bracelets.

In summer can men wear pantyhose to make it look like they have a tan?

They can, however it should be known that this is considered crossdressing by most, and is not done often.

Are pantyhose back in fashion?

I'd say that pantyhose are coming back into fashion but is their popularity to the level seen in the late 90's/early 2000's? Popularity has a lot to do with the quality of pantyhose as well. I'd say that the quality of pantyhose has improved greatly. Pantyhose these days fit better, there are more styles and colors and, let's face it, those women who do wear them (like me) get more looks and stares from men. I love the looks as it validates that pantyhose absolutely make our legs look sexy, senuous and just flat out great.

Do fat girls like pantyhose?


What do women think about men wearing pantyhose?

What sad ignorant thinking, Do you hate people because of their skin color too? Pantyhose are a unisex item, men have been wearing them years and most of them have a wife and kids. In addition, pantyhose have health benefits for those that stand or walk most of day on their feet. One can wear pantyhose with shorts when long stretches in the sun to protect from too much sun on your skin.

Why do men like to wear pantyhose?

Many Men Love to wear a very Silky smooth pair of Pantyhose obviously because of the seductive FEEL. Pantyhose are made out of smooth Nylon and silky Lycra/spandex and are just tight enough to feel like you are being hugged - of course Millions of Men are going to enjoy that!Pantyhose are even made for Men now! so on and so on)(keep in mind, Men wore "tights" before Women- check the History!).AnswerSome people find the act of doing something wrong arousing. well pantyhose are very very very very very very smooth and feel good up between my legs!! u know u secretly have a dying passion for guys like me in pantyhose : ]There are several reasons a man or even a boy will wear pantyhose , The following being , For warmth when its cold , Cause they stand on their legs all day and it helps keep the swelling down and support , They have RLS < restless leg syndrome > and the doctor reccomended it , For some it is sexually arousing or stimulating . Some just like the way the hose looks on their legs . for others its when they see a woman who wears hose and wants to emulate that or wonder how they would look in that outfit or theirs .

Difference between tights pantyhose?

tights are like leggings and pantyhose are stockings they are much thinner and made out of a different material

Can men wearing pantyhose help with circulation in legs?

Yes they can and it feels so good.

Should you wear pantyhose?

Yes! you? yes I do all the time cuz I just love the feeling of control top pantyhose