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Do alternative fuels really work?

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Yes alternative fuels work great. For example bio-diesel is mixing diesel fuel with cooking oil. Works great when you buy the converter kit, but is costly at the current time due to low manufacturing. If you do not get cooking oil free from say a McDonalds or someplace like that it goes bout $8.00 per gallon. Check back in a few years and this might be cheaper than gas the way prices are going now.

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How do alternative fuels work?

they work very carefullythey work very carefully

Give three examples of alternative fuels?

alternative fuels

Why or why not are biofuels a suitable alternative for fossil fuels?

They are an alternative, but there is not enough to replace fossil fuels

What are the four types of biomass that can be converted into alternative fuels?

What are four types of biomass that can be converted into alternative fuels?

What are alternative fuels?

Alternatives fuels are fuels that are not made from fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas).

What does McCain think about alternative fuels?

i think that's she thinks is why do they have to have alternative fuels that's just watse of time

Are fossil fuels alternative energy?

No. Alternative energy means energy sources other than fossil fuels.

What are different types of alternative fuels?

Biofuels, Algae fuels ect.

Alternative fuels for cars?


Source of energy in fossil fuels?

alternative resource or just alternative

Are there any alternative fuels for a diesel engine?

There are several alternative fuels for a diesel engine. Some alternatives include Biodiesel and vegetable oil.

Why is alternative fuel better?

Alternative fuels can be better in that they are generally cleaner than oil and gasoline. Most alternative fuels are renewable, which means there can be a steady supply for a long time. Oil is not renewable. Development of new alternative fuels also can fuel the economy and new jobs. Alternative fuels have the potential to replace the oil economy, it is just a question of if the fuel can be produced efficiently and be sold at a practical price for people.

Are there alternative airplane fuels?

R7 rocketfuel

Are there alternative fuels besides oil?

yes, there are tons of alternative fuels besides oil. i am doing a research project right now in my English class on alternative fuels. so far, i have found biomass fuels, biodiesel, natural gas, alcohol, and french fry oil. hope you can search farther into what you have learned from me....

Why are there so few cars powered by alternative fuels?

There aren't many cars powered by alternative fuels because some cost more and are hard to make and other fuels don't get you very far.

Alternative fuels are different from gasoline because they are?


What are the pros and cons of alternative fuels?

Cheese false

Why should you run schools on alternive fuels?


What are some alternative fields?

do you mean fuels? nuclear energy is the best alternative energy source.

What is alternative fossil fuels?

Fossil fuels come from fossilied plant matter in the ground. Alternative fuels are alternatives to fossil fuels, and these are mainly carbon fuels that take their carbon from carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (as fossil fuels do) but on a carbon cycle with a much shorter term. An example is wood, which can be burned as more trees are growing and absorbing carbon dioxide.

Why do you need fossil fuels?

Because to date there is no viable alternative to fossil fuels, that are plentiful and cost effective.

What energy source can you use instead of fossil fuels?

Fossil fuels are exhaustible. Electric energy is an alternative.

Are hydrogen fuels the alternative?

Hydrogen fuels could be an alternative if we come to a point where we can solve all the dangerous problems with hydrogen. Hydrogen fuels would be a good alternative but at this point and time hydrogen is way to unstable, so for now electric and ethanol are the way to go for an alternate fuel source.

Why should solar energy be considered as an alternative to fossil fuels?

Solar energy is a potential alternative for fossil fuels. It is a renewable source of energy and will be available as long as the sun lasts.

What is Afr in cement industry?

Alternative Fuels & Raw Materials