Do any surveys pay without having to sign up for something or require you to have a credit card?

yes, i know of three surveys personally that pay me, two that i signed up for and one that contacted me. try and for cash rewards. be aware that you will not qualify for many of their surveys depending on the individual demographics they are looking for. however, if you provide thoughtful answers and are a reliable respondent, you may eventually be contacted by other companies that do not accept applicants, but i believe must choose them upon recommendation from other survey outfits like NPDOR and NFO (both of which pay either in 'points' which can redeemed for raffles, or entries into cash sweepstakes. All four of these companies are legitimate and will not sell your name or bombard you with spam, nor will any ask you for credit cards or other sensitive information. good luck. To add to what he said there are sites that take some effort doing surveys for points. Then you trade the points for Prizes. 1- Make sure you make a new email since it is going to be bombarded with spam. I suggest to make a free yahoo email.

2- During the surveys you just enter some information. Does have to be your real information but the City/State/ and zip have to be accurate.

3- After you earned enough points you can redeem the prizes they have or if you want a custom prize you can tell them the link and the cost and they will buy it for you as long as you have enough points. When doing custom prizes 1 point = $1 USD.