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yes, i know of three surveys personally that pay me, two that i signed up for and one that contacted me. try and for cash rewards. be aware that you will not qualify for many of their surveys depending on the individual Demographics they are looking for. however, if you provide thoughtful answers and are a reliable respondent, you may eventually be contacted by other companies that do not accept applicants, but i believe must choose them upon recommendation from other survey outfits like NPDOR and NFO (both of which pay either in 'points' which can redeemed for raffles, or entries into cash sweepstakes. All four of these companies are legitimate and will not sell your name or bombard you with spam, nor will any ask you for credit cards or other sensitive information. good luck. To add to what he said there are sites that take some effort doing surveys for points. Then you trade the points for Prizes. 1- Make sure you make a new email since it is going to be bombarded with spam. I suggest to make a free Yahoo email.

2- During the surveys you just enter some information. Does have to be your real information but the City/State/ and zip have to be accurate.

3- After you earned enough points you can redeem the prizes they have or if you want a custom prize you can tell them the link and the cost and they will buy it for you as long as you have enough points. When doing custom prizes 1 point = $1 USD.

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Credit and Debit Cards

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Q: Do any surveys pay without having to sign up for something or require you to have a credit card?
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How do you get minions in Bite Me without getting sanga credits?

You do surveys for sanga credit.

Where can you watch Rodrick rules without any surveys?

no.Because all the web sites you try all have surveys al problely has a credit card to like netflixs

Can I obtain a merchant account with bad credit?

Merchant accounts typicaly require a credit check. Google Checkout is available without a merchant account.

How do you create an Apple ID without a credit card?

The last option on the credit card choices should say something like "No Credit Card "

What is an alternative to using credit?

An alternative to credit is using a loan or cash to pay for something. It is becoming more popular to do without, than to use credit.

Do any clothing websites not require a credit or debit card?

No, I don't think that any on-line clothing websites take something besides credit cards.

Do business credit cards come without a personal guarantee?

Most business credit cards do come with a personal guarantee. There are, however, ways to get a business credit card that does not require a personal guarantee.

Can you get a free online credit report without supplying your SSN?

Yes. Credit reports do not require your SSN, only your credit history and credit card number. In addition, you should never disclose your SSN to anyone, regardless of their insistence.

Which of these allows you to buy something without waiting until you have the money?

A credit card

Is there any sites or places that you can take surveys and get a free ps3 or xbox 360 without completing offers and giving credit card info or doing referalls?

The cost of a PS3 would be way over what is paid for taking surveys and someone might make an offer and not actually deliver

Where could you get a internet job without a credit card?

Any legitimate job on the internet DOES NOT require you to have a credit card. Never pay a fee for any job, it's a scam.

Why do car rental require credit cards?

this is so that the person renting the car does not take off without paying, this is their insurance

How can you get free combat arms nx?

Click charge nx at it will minimize combat arms and go to a website. There you can take surveys and stuff like that. That will give you free nx CREDIT and not the kind you buy. When you buy something just use that credit instead of the other stuff.

Does the Full Faith and Credit Clause require that something against the law in one state is against the law in all other states?


How do you file a dispute on your credit report?

Just phone the credit card company and tell them what the problem is. They may be willing to fix it without requiring you to file a formal dispute. If they do have such a requirement, they will tell you what they require.

How do you buy a car insurance without a SSN?

There are a few sites that do not require your personal information like your social security number (SSN) when they give you an auto insurance quote. One such site, does not require your SSN and therefore, does not run a credit score or credit history check.

Are credit require to report credit to all three credit bureau?


How do you get a second life account without a credit card?

A basic Second Life account does not require any credit card details or payment information. Premium membership does however incur a monthly charge.

How do you get facebook credits without a credit card?

I just have one thing to say before I answer this: sometimes it is there and sometimes it isn't. What isn't? The options. This usually works on Horse Academy. First, you click on something that you need FB credits for. Then, you go to payment options at the bottom and click on 'Earn Free Credits' and there you go. I would do the surveys and free stuff like that because those don't cost ANYTHING! I did that and now I have at least 120 credits. To get that many, you have to take A LOT of surveys! :)

How do you get free credit at listia?

By taking surveys. Watching videos. Some surveys that they offer can range in price. some can start off as 250-2,560 credit points. But if you don't fill out the entire survey (because it wouldn't let you) you get 10 points for just trying

Can you return something at target without a receiet?

yes, if it's something they carry they will take it back. (If you used a credit card to purchase the item you want to return, they are able to pull up the sale information with the credit card).

Where can i download free xbox 360 games without a credit card and without completing any offers or surveys just 100 percent FREE legally or illegally?

Legally no-where that I'm aware of. Illegally its likely to be found with some web browsing

How do you get PlayStation Network PSN credit for free?

You can not get PlayStation Network credit for free unless you want to do hours of surveys that only give you a few credits.

Can i buy something from amazon without using amazon gift cards?

You can use your regular credit card.

What is a loan without credit check?

Loans Without Credit check or you can say the No Credit Check Loans are loans in which the borrower's credit history does not play any part. The Lender will not check the past records of the borrower. It is a good option for those who have from Bad Credit and need Funds. If you are facing problem in paying your dues for your education and you even have problem in getting loan with out cosigner or credit check than there are still some options available. You can apply for private loans that require no credit check or cosigner.