Do apples give you energy

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Yes. They contain fructose which is a sugar.

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Q: Do apples give you energy
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Do apples give you more energy than coffee?

Yes, apples.

How much energy does 100 grams of apples give you?

an apple gives you 7kcal of energy

How does chocolate milk give you energy?

Chocolate milk does not give you energy. It might make you hyper but that is not the energy that you need. Apples would be better so just keep that in mind.

What is energy giving foods?

Foods that will give you energy include leafy greens, lean meats, nuts, beans, apples and salmon. These foods are able to give you a jolt of energy and relieve fatigue.

Will chocolate give you energy?

No not really. The thing that will wake you up best would NOT be coffee or energy drinks. Apples would be the best thing to use in the morning to give you energy all day long.

If you have 4 apples and 3 friends If you give them 2 apples what do you have left?

2 apples

I have three apples and I give you two How many apples do you have?


Do apple have more caffeine than coffee?

Apples have no caffeine. No, apples will give you more energy than coffee though. Also much healthier for you. For people that like a boost of energy in the morning, eat an apple instead of drinking coffee :)

What in apples produce energy?


Can you give examples?

I can only give examples of apples and apples not sure as to what this question direction is going in buisness....

How do apples get their color?

Apples are different colors because of the pigments they contain. The ripeness of the apples can also give the apples their particular colors.

What in candy makes kids hyper?

the sugar because it gives energy to the body. how could you say? because like apples apples gives us energy it gets the energy from its sugar belive it apples really have sugar

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