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Do apples give you energy?

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Yes. They contain fructose which is a sugar.

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an apple gives you 7kcal of energy

Chocolate milk does not give you energy. It might make you hyper but that is not the energy that you need. Apples would be better so just keep that in mind.

Foods that will give you energy include leafy greens, lean meats, nuts, beans, apples and salmon. These foods are able to give you a jolt of energy and relieve fatigue.

No not really. The thing that will wake you up best would NOT be coffee or energy drinks. Apples would be the best thing to use in the morning to give you energy all day long.

Apples have no caffeine. No, apples will give you more energy than coffee though. Also much healthier for you. For people that like a boost of energy in the morning, eat an apple instead of drinking coffee :)

I can only give examples of apples and apples not sure as to what this question direction is going in buisness....

the sugar because it gives energy to the body. how could you say? because like apples apples gives us energy it gets the energy from its sugar belive it apples really have sugar

Apples are different colors because of the pigments they contain. The ripeness of the apples can also give the apples their particular colors.

Fruits and vegetable with high sugar (simple carbohydrates) content give us quick energy, those with more complex carbohydrates give more long lasting energy. Apples, Grapes, Raisins, Carrots, celery actually i read that celery actually steals energy because it takes more energy to digest it than it give from digestion

Apples have NO caffeine in them. They contain glucose, which is a source of energy.

yes, guinea pigs can have apples.... but not too much. if you try to give them apples and they won't eat it don't feed it to them anymore. also NEVER feed them might be better just to not give them apples just to be careful.

corn, apples, trees these all have a purpose like corn and apples give us food and trees give us wood for our homes

they never give me gas! just apples

Apples are very healthy for you. They give you fiber to help you go to the bathroom.

if the apples are sliced into small enough pieces hen yeah

Lemons produce more energy because of the citrus and natural sugars it contains. Apples only have natural sugars.

Of coarse! Allot of horses love apples, but too many can make them colic.(Give them bad stomach ache). Just be sure it isn't allergic and that you don't give him or her too many apples.

what kind of gas do apples give off

yes this can give horses diarrhea.

I don't give my horse apples much but, I do when he does something good like he lets me groom him without a fuss and was did good when being ridden. So basically I only give my horse apples as a "good boy treat", I do the same with carrots. But some people give their horses apples twice a day. 2 apples in the morning and 2 in the evening. Hope my answer helped you.

Apples give him concussions!

No. But you can try playing regular Apples to Apples on the Xbox against friends. It is not free. If you want something free, you might give a game like a try.

Apples are a good snack because they give you nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy.

Give 5 apples to 5 people and forget about the other 2

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