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In my opinion, all dogs like their belly rubbed. I have no idea why, but they love it.

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โˆ™ 2010-04-18 00:48:38
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Q: Do beagles like there belly rubbed?
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Why do shih tzu's like their belly being rubbed?

I don't know of any dog that doesn't like to have its belly rubbed. Mine loved it. It must feel good. they do but get restless quick unless tired

Where do English bulldogs like to be rubbed?

It depends on the dog. My three English bulldogs love being rubbed in different places. One loves being rubbed on the neck. Another loves being rubbed on the belly. The other loves being on the back.

Why do dogs like their belly rubbed?

Dogs like all petting from humans. Belly rubs are particularly enjoyable because dogs can't reach their own bellies well with their mouths or paws, so it's satisfying to them to have that area rubbed by someone who can reach it. (That's why they like scratches behind their ears, too.)

What is the beagles habitat?

Beagles like warm and nice houses

Do cats like there Bellie rubbed?

yes and no. its kinda like marmite they love it or hate it. you can test this theory by wearing gardening gloves for protection.....good luck! :) my cat hates it but my friends cat loves getting his belly rubbed.

Do Guinea pigs like their stomach rubbed?

Most Guinea pig hate to be on their backs and will usally nip you if you try to rub its belly

Why do most cats not like their bellies rubbed?

As with most animals, cats allowing another organism, be it animal or human touch its body is a big sign of trust. Because the belly is where the vital organs are the most accessible, they are very protective of it. Unless a cat lays near you stretched out with its belly facing you, it probably does not want its belly rubbed and will not change its mind.

Why do dogs want you to rub their belly?

The reason dogs want there belly's rubbed is because it shows them you love them and you trust and care for them. However if you don't rub your dogs belly they might think other wise like they don't love me or care for me.

What do dogs like if you ain't got a ball or nothing?

Having his/her belly rubbed, going on walks, playing fetch (you can use a branch is you want).

Why do cats like to be rubbed underneath their chin?

Why do you like to have your back rubbed?

Where do guinea pigs like being rubbed?

Guinea pigs like being patted from their head to their bottom they dont like being patted from their bottom to there head they dont like to be pat on their belly.

Why does my male cat hate it's belly rubbed?

Whenever a cat shows you, and most especially lets you rub its belly it is a sign of total trust, it sounds like your cat does not completely feel at ease with you as of yet.

Do beagles like to swim?


Do beagles like kids?


What are beagles hobbies?

Some Beagles are particularly attentive to little yellow birds, e.g., birds named Woodstock. These types of Beagles like to feed these birds and offer companionship. Other Beagles prefer less involved activities and like to sleep. A favorite hobby of all Beagles, like other scent hounds, is sniffing.

Do beagles like to play?

Beagles do like to play but mostly a golden retriever would be more playful than a beagle..

What do beagles do for fun?

they like to play with their owners

Do beagles like peanut butter?

Yes, most beagles love peanut butter and it is fine for them to have as a treat.

Why do dogs like their bellies rubbed?

For the same reason that I like a back rub. It feels good. Dogs respond to affection just like we do. They want to be loved. A good belly rub lets them know that you love them.

Do labradors like beagles?

I believe they do like them. I am not sure though.

Do beagles like to hunt?

Yes, Beagles do like to hunt. They were originally breed to hunt small birds, rabbits and other small animals.

Why are beagles called beagles?

Beagles comes from a french word that means gaped throat and that is why beagles are called beagles.

What is the difference between harrier beagles and beagles?

Really like that question! Well harriers are a little bit taller than normal beagles beagle harries are original from France and beagles are from England. Harrier needs more exercise than beagles and beagles need more space to live in. Both of them are beautiful and really good for hunting rabbits. Beagles are kinda more popular

Why do girls like their vaginas rubbed?

Women like to get their vaginas rubbed because it feels good to their clitoris.

Nintendo DS-my baby girl my baby won't eat?

I rubbed my baby's belly and she calmed down try it