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Do different types of water affect plant growth?


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November 30, 2010 12:01AM


Yes, it does affect how plants grow. Water carries nutrients throughout the plant that is in the soil. If there is extra nutrients in the water than it will add to the nutrients that is already there, causing the plant to grow better.

All plants have an optimum medium PH (soil or non-soil) which will allow the maximum uptake of nutrients, when the PH is in the right range a plant will grow vigorously as all its needs are met, conversely a plant receiving water that is too acid or too alkaline (below 5.0 acid and above 8.0 alkaline) cannot absorb nutrient and all micro and macro elements will be 'locked out' resulting in poor,slow growth and eventual death. Houseplants survive poor treatment because most composts are naturally 6.8 to 7.0 around the same PH as most domestic water. Hard water areas around 7.5, soft water around 6.5 all within the ideal uptake range for most plants.

In addition, for example, take the bamboo plant you should give it filtered water instead of tap water. This is because there are some chemicals in tap water that are harmful to the bamboo plant. ther