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Do dodge neon 2002 have rotors and calipers on the back brakes?

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Could have either on the rear. Both were an option.

2008-11-10 02:09:18
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Why do the brake pads and rotors wear out about every four months on your 2002 350 ford van?

Either your really hard on brakes, brakes need adjustment or your calipers are faulty.

Why are your disk brakes still grind after they were changedit's a 2002 Dodge ram 1500?

if there is uneven wear on the rotors, the new pads will take time to wear into the grooves on the rotors. rotors in poor condition will reduce the efficiency of your brakes, and promote wear of the pads, you will end up changing them more often. Most brake shops can turn rotors back to being smooth and true.

Why do new brakes smoke on Ford Focus 2002?

The calipers are stuck, or they are cheap brakes, or somebody got oil or grease on the brakes and disks.

2002 sport trac has cushy brakes but the abs light never comes on what can it be Already replaced both front rotors and pads?

your brake system has air in it and needs bleeding. new calipers are a real hard to bleed

Why do your brakes squeak on a 2002 dodge ram 1500?

Because You Need New Brakes!

How to replace brakes and rotors on a 2002 ford e350 van?

this model has both shoes and rotor disks on the rear brakes. 2002 ford van e350 xlt is my model and I was surprised today when I did my brakes.

What is cost of brakes and rotors for all four tires on Jeep Grand Cherokee?

you can get the whole package on ebay for under $200.....Callahan Brakes and rotors.. Just type in 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo brakes in the search on eBay

How do you change parking brake shoes on 2002 Chevrolet silverado pu?

For sale brakes rotors

How do you remove the rotors on a 2002 dodge Dakota two-wheel drive?

Hello, Once you take the tires off and remove the calipers, the rotors come right off just like a front wheel drive car. There is no castle nuts or bearings to deal with like the older trucks had. Good luck .............

Are 2002 dodge stratus brakes drums or discs?

I have a 2002 Stratus Sedan, and mine are discs.

2002 Alero front wheels make bumping noise when brakes are applied?

Probably scoured or warped rotors.

How do you change the back rotors on a 2002 Hyundai Sonata?

Same way as the front. First remove the calipers, then remove the two cross-point screws that hold the caliper in place . finally, remove the rotors and replace.

Do a 2002 ford exploer rear brakes have pads shoes?

It depends if it has rotors it has pads, if it has drums it has shoes. Hope this helps.

Will 1995 dodge ram 1500 wheels interchange with 2002 dodge ram 1500 wheels?

The 1995 wheels will not clear the brakes if you put them on the front of a 2002.

How do you remove the front brake rotors on a 2002 century?

there are two bolts that hold brake calipers to a u shaped bracket, remove them and then remove the two bolts holding the u shaped bracket. The rotors will come off at this point.

Are the rear brakes on a 2002 Dodge Stratus drums?

They are drum on a 2006 Stratus SXT.

Dodge Stratus 2002 shakes when I on brakesslowing down at red lights etc and make loud noises however when I'm are driving on expressway you cant tell something is wrong?

that would be your brakes are bad mabe your rotors have to be turn now....

Will a 15 inch wheel fit on 2002 4x4 dodge 1500?

Doubtful, it probably will not fit over the brake calipers.

2002 Toyota siena problem with brakes when i apply the brakes it feels like the wheels are shaking?

Answer: Most likely warped rotors. This can be eliminated by either having the current rotors machined or replaced (or both if manufacture recommends it). Visit your local dealer or brake specialist.

If you had rear brakes and rotors replaced on a 2002 Mustang GT and 100 miles later they began to smoke is it likely they need calipers due to the emergency brake getting hung up?

At that point I would ask them why they didn't adjust and inspect the parking brake when they did the brakes. Yes, it's possible, but I wouldn't let them do the work if they aren't going to take care of it under warranty.

What kind of brakes do 2002 ford explorer have?

Disc brakes , front and rear ( there are also a small set of brake shoes in the backside of the rear rotors that are used for the parking / emergency brake )

How do you turn the rotors on a 2002 dodge ram 1500?

You don't. Take them to a machine shop for resurfacing. They have the specialized tools for this and you do not.

How do you find out what type of brakes ARE on the back of a 2002 dodge stratus?

You take the wheel off and look.

Will 2002 dodge ram rims fit 2007 ram?

The heavy duty trucks need the calipers ground down to fit

What Minimum rear rotor thickness for 2003 dodge Dakota?

Drums not rotors on a 2002 Dak, probably the same on the 2003