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Q: Do fake tan lotions react when receiving chemotherapy?
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How does juliets parents react to her fake death?

They are very shocked and sad, of course.

How do you ankle- break your opponent?

fake and cross them over really quickly before they have time to react

How did Buddha react when he saw suffering?

personally buddha is fake so not a very good question!

Do you have to pay duty when receiving a luxury watch from Hong Kong?

No. It it's coming from Hong Kong it's probably fake.

What are the effects of fake beauty soaps?

The effects of fake beauty soaps on the body are quite diverse. Such soaps contain chemical toxins which will react negatively with the body chemicals and end up damaging the skin.

Is it ok to wear fake lip pircings?

On one hand, you shouldn't be a fake person. However, fake piercings let you see how it works and how others will react to you before you commit to real piercings. If you are underage, cannot find a piercer, unable to get permission, or if you have a job that doesn't allow piercings fake piercings are a good alternative.

Does anti spam software create spam?

Anti-spam software does not create spam. This software aims to prevent you from receiving spam. Sometimes it creates fake email addresses to receive real spam, which helps it identify spam and prevent you from receiving it.

How does the brain react to drug and alcohol use?

Drugs and alcohol send out fake emotions to the brain and prevent real emotions and ideas from going to the brain

Do birds react to fake cats?

Probably at first, but scarecrows and variants loose their efficiency once birds learn that they are more a part of the landscape rather than a threat.

What are some religions that start with the letter f?

fake fake fake fake and fonie.

Are Ashlynn Brooke's breasts real or fake?


What polos are all fake?

no u.s.p.a is not fake all of them not fake stupids

How do you get a gold afro ninja face on Territorywaronline?

fake fake fake

Is the toothfairy real or fake?

The tooth fairy is fake not real.

Where do you get fake chicken or meat?

You get them from the fake meat or fake chicken fatory.

Do you have fake jordans?

'We' don't have fake anything. There are fake Jordans available.

Is WWF fake?

HELO! OF COURSE IT IS! Yes, WWE is fake and TNA is fake, almost all of the wrestling is fake.

Are 3am challenges real or fake?

fake and all the youtubers post fake content on youtube of 3am

How do people react to getting a piano?

Depends. Wanting a piano: Astonished! Happy! Does not care: Cool. Shows some emotion. Not wanting a piano: Fake smile, says, sure, OK

Can children wear fake nails?

Yes children can wear fake stick on nails but not fake fake nails

How do you say fakes in spanish?

Fake (verb) To fake your death. Fingir. He fakes - el finge Fake (Verb) To fake some one out. Engañar (fool/deceive) Fake (Noun/adjective) This is a fake. This is a fake diamond. Falso (false)

How would a narcissist react to being discarded in the same manner they have discarded others?

It has been my experience that they will fake-hurt for a moment and then go out and try and get more of their narcissistic supply from whoever, wherever....their "fake hurt" only lasts until they find someone to take the place of the person who just left them.

How do you fake dry heave?

You fake it.

Is the sohoy company fake or not?

It is not Fake.

Are the Jonas Brothers fake?

not they are not fake.