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None, whatsoever. * It is a violation of federal law for a minor to cross state lines without parental permission, (18 USC 2243, 18 USC 2423). The parents can file a petition in the circuit or superior court of their state of residency to have the minor returned to their custody. All states honor such an order and once the authorities with jurisdiction have received the order they will take the minor into custody and remand her into the custody of the home state's juvenile authorities.

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Q: Do parents have legal recourse to have their 17-year-old daughter returned to State of Georgia from the State of Michigan where she is now living without their permission?
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I don't know the whole situation here but if she were my daughter I'd find out like a loving father where she is staying, go to the county clerks office and ask who you need to talk to whoever it be, Judge, Attorney, etc. and see if you can't get a Judge to issue you some kind of order for you to bring her home, for her safety. And if that did not get me anywhere I would just go and pick her butt up and take her home. You did not say if she is with her mother, or if she has just run off and is living with a boyfriend. If she is with her mother I'm afraid there is not much you are going to be able to do about it. In the State of Michigan if your daughter leaves your home at the age of seventeen she does not have to return. However, you are still responsible until she is eighteen. I heard this from Law enforcement. Good Luck!

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