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Yes, police in Michigan read Miranda rights. Reading Miranda rights is a national precedent. This means that all police in the United States read them.

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2011-01-23 03:05:04
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Q: Do police in Michigan read Miranda rights?
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When does a police officer announce the Miranda rights to a person in custody?

The policy for exactly when the rights must be read varies by state. Some situations require the police to read the Miranda rights to somebody who is talking to the police outside of the station. If you are not allowed to leave the presence of the police officer, you should be read you Miranda rights.

Do police have to read you the Miranda rights?

Police have to read you the Miranda rights if they are planning to use what you say in court against you. Generally this happens when you are taken into custody. Exactly how early they have to read them to you varies.

Do police have to read you your rights when arresting you?

Yes, it is mandatory for an arresting officer to read you the Miranda Rights.

When arrested for possession of marijuana does the police officer have to read the Miranda rights to the arrested individual?

No, Miranda Rights do not have to be read during any arrest. Miranda Rights are required prior to an interrogation but have nothing to do with an arrest.

How do you use Miranda rights in a sentence?

When the police took the suspect into custody, they read him his Miranda rights. The Miranda rights are the national precedent for reminding a suspect of her rights. The supreme court's decision in Miranda v. Arizona led to the adoption of the Miranda rights.

Do police read you your rights when placing you in investigative detention?

No, the Miranda Rights only need to be read if you are under arrest for a crime.

Does a state trooper have to read you your Miranda rights?

Your Miranda rights must be read to you afteryou are arrested. This applies to all Police officers.You are not supposed to be interogated before you are advised of your rights and given an opertunity to "Exercise" them.

When police are arresting someone who does not speak English how do they read their Miranda rights?

They hire a interprenter.

What court case makes police officers read your rights?

Miranda v. Arizona

What are exceptions to Miranda rights?

Police do not need to read you your Miranda rights if they do not plan to question the suspect. If they do not plan to use anything the suspect says in court (usually if they already have enough evidence) then they might not read him/her the rights.

Can the police search you without reading you your rights first?

The Miranda Rights have nothing to do with a search or seizure. The Miranda Rights are only read prior to a custodial interrogation, which a search and/or seizure is not.

What if the police did not read the arrested their Miranda rights?

Contrary to popular public perception it is NOT REQUIRED that you be given your Miranda Rights at the time of arrest. Your Miranda Rights need only be given to PRIOR TO THE START OF ANY QUESTIONING.

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