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Do protestants hate Catholics?



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Catholic Answer

I was raised as a protestant, I live in the United States, and I was born in the early 1950's, so I lived in a protestant culture, in a protestant atmosphere and went to secular schools were we had to memorize verses and psalms from the King James Version of the Bible (i.e. the "protestant" Bible). Protestants, at least the many that I know, do not hate Catholics personally, they do, however, hate and fear WHAT THEY THINK IS THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. I have heard these things all my life, and I can honestly say that, 1) they really have no idea what Catholicism really is, and 2) they do not "hate" individual Catholics that they know.

Protestant Answer

Some do- as some Catholics hate Protestants. In my case, I was raised as a Baptist, but while serving in the Army was as likely to attend Mass as Protestant services. A few years ago, a new Catholic church congregation was forming in our area, and did not have a church building. We shared our building with them for 2 years. Mass at 9, Protestant services at 10. Now and again their priest comes in to our church as a guest minister, and our minister goes over there. These are our neighbors and co-workers- why would we hate them?