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Yes, all wheels run on wheel bearings.

The noise could be a worn or damaged bearing, rust on the brake drum or disk, sticking parking brake, or under-inflated tires. Many garages will do a free brake inspection and they should show you and explain the problem they find if any.

Axles have ball bearings pressed on them and grease would be leaking from them if bad. Shocks can be noisy if you have unusual tire wear, cupping. Loose U-joint can be checked if you have the knick knick sound. Of course a dry axle housing causes a lot of noise and broke teeth can stop you from moving. If you suspect it pull inspection cover and see if there is a lot of loose metal pieces in the grease. It isn't unusual to break a gear tooth in the axle. Especially if you heavy trailer a lot.

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Q: Do rear wheel drive cars have rear wheel bearings?
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