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because the American system to me alwayy has to be voted in by elected official of the supreme court.No.

And how can they? Just look at your own seem to have just been judge and jury for anyone that someone else has accused of anything -- and you apparently feel they are all guilty - or at least not law abidding! They are accused. Sometimes wrongly and by people who themselves are misdirected. Convoluted ideas like the one in your question actually indicate that the accused should have, because they need, more protection...

I guess your definition of "law abiding" is all those that haven't been accused? Because I'll wager that the list of people who haven't been "accused" of ....jay walking, cheating on taxes, or hurting someone or thing, a very different list than those who actually haven't done those things.

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Q: Do the accused in the US of the US have more rights than law abiding citizens?
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please help me?!?!?!?!?!

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