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Do the parents of an 18-year-old have any legal responsibilities if he or she moves out of the family home in New York?

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No. The legal age of majority in New York state is 18. The parents no longer have custodial rights over an 18-year-old nor are they legally or financially responsible for said person. The exception would be if there is a court order for a non custodial parent who is paying child support that stipulates otherwise. No.

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What are the legal responsibilities of the parents of an 18 year old who has not graduated high school?

The responsibilities are the same as they would be if the 18 year had graduated.

What are the legal responsibilities of parents of 18 year olds?

you legally have no responsibility for anything once ur child hits 18 years of age they are a legal adult and must deal with their own responsibilities.

Do parents in Ohio have any legal responsibilities for an 18 yr old child?

still in school

Who has legal rights when both parents are deceased family member is dying?

God parents and other close family. Who ever they'll be best with

What legal responsibilities does a parent have for a child who becomes emancipated?

None. When a minor is granted emancipation he or she becomes a legal adult and the parents are no longer financially or legally responsible.

A sixteen year old daughter was kicked out and the parents are compliant to where the child is living is it legal?

{| |- | Yes it would be legal. A minor is required to live where their parents ask them to live. They can have their child live anywhere that they are safe and cared for. It does not relieve the parents of their responsibilities to the child. |}

What are the legal responsibilities for a parent that has a child over the age of 18?

In indiana are the parents responsible for supporting their child after they turn 18?

Can you get married at the age of 17 with a family members consent like an Aunt instead of a parents?

It has to be the legal guardian so only if your aunt is your legal guardian and not your parents. Only the legal guardian is responsible for you.

What is the legal status of a sole trader?

legal responsibilities

What are the legal rights of parents of emancipated minors?

There are no rights or responsibilities. The minor is now considered an adult capable of making their own decisions.

What is the legal age you can move out without parental consent in Pennsylvania?

18 unless parents responsibilities have been released to someone else..

When do the legal responsibilities end for parents in NJ?

{| |- | Once the age of majority is reached, they are no longer a minor. In New Jersey, the age is 18. At that point the parents are no longer responsible for the child. |}

What are parents' legal responsibilities to adult children still living at home?

If the child has reached the age of majority, they no longer have any responsibilities. As the home owner, they may still have liability for what happens in their home.

What are the responsibilities of a daughter?

Opinions from Contributors:OpinionExpectations of a daughter's responsibilities vary according to the culture in which she lives. Cleaning the house, obeying her mother and respecting her parents may be what is required of her in some cultures.In other cultures parents regard one of a daughter's (or a son's) main responsibilities as being to study dutifully, successfully complete her education to the highest level of her ability, and then obtain high status, well paid employment.It might also be regarded as a daughter's (or son's) duty to marry well and produce children.When parents become elderly, with failing health, it is regarded in most cultures as mainly a daughter's duty to take responsibility for their emotional and practical support, and for either providing, or else arranging, personal care for them.OpinionBasic responisibilities of the daughter include :Obey family ordersObey and follow the family rules and regulationsRespect the culture, tradition, religionFulfill the expectations of familyNever betray trust of family membersMake everyone in family proud by her good deedsKeep everyone in family happy and satisfiedSpread love and trust in family.OpinionIt is important to distinguish between legal and cultural responsibilities. The above deals with cultural expectations. In all developed nations, there are very few legal responsibilities that children have to their parents. And no distinctions are made between a daughter and a son in terms of legal responsibilities for their parents.In the developed world, legal responsibilities of children for their parents are almost universally voluntarily assumed: children are often the designated heirs, and will fulfill roles such as executioner of the estate, medical proxy, and even legal guardianship. However, these type of legal responsibilities are something that the child and parent must agree upon, and cannot be forced onto the child (if the child defers receiving them, such duties, at the last resort, fall to the state to resolve, usually via a court-appointed 3rd party). That is, developed nations assume that an adult is responsible for arranging their own affairs, and that no other adult has an inherent (non-voluntary) duty to manage another's affairs.In the developing world, which seldom has an extensive legal framework and body of laws, cultural norms are enforced as legal requirements. That is, law is based on custom. In developing countries that have created a more independent and formal legal system, custom is often used as a guideline where the laws haven't been explicit - that is, judges will enforce customary roles (usually with some flexibility based on the particular facts of the case) when the law doesn't provide explicit instructions. This hybrid approach is typical found in a country moving from a purely customary legal system to one of explicit legal formalism.

Legal requirements after death?

You have no legal requirements or responsibilities after death

What are the legal responsibilities of a cosigner on a lease agreement?

The legal responsibilities of a cosigner on a lease agreement are the same as the tenant without the benefit of tenancy.

Why is it necessary for employees to demonstrate in all work they undertake an understanding of the legal responsibilities and obligations of the work role?

if you demonstrate an understanding of your legal responsibilities, then ur employer knows you know your responsibilities, and can there-by hold you accountable to them when you violate those responsibilities.

If a 17 year old child can legally move out from his parents home what should the parents do to be exempt from legal responsibilities of that child?

Report the child as a runaway. That gets a record with the police that the child is outside of your control.

Is it a crime if your parents kick you out of the house when you're 18?

It is not a legal crime if parents kick out children who have attained maturity and are independent citizens with freedom in a democratic setup. It may not a social crime if the child is prodigal who makes life of his/her parents miserable. A family is a social institution with shared responsibilities & benefits .If a member of any social institution neclects his/her responsibility then he/she has no right for the benefits.

Legal responsibilities for parents of pregnant teen 16 year old daughter is pregnant and refuses to come home or go to school am i responsible?

Unless 16 is the legal age where you are, you are responsible for her unless she gets emancipated.

What is the legal procedure by which a child is taken into a family to be raised in the same way as a child born to the parents?


What is the legal age of dating with out parents permission?

There are no laws regarding dating. However, the children are the responsibilities of the parents until they are the age of 18 in most states. Doing things against their wishes is never a good idea!

What should you do if you are 21 years old and your parents will not listen to you?

In the legal sense a 21-year-old is a legal adult in all U.S. states. Therefore his or her parents have no legal authority over them. They may move from the family residence if that is the issue at hand if they so choose.

17 year old girl gets pregnant by 16 year old boy what are the legal responsibilities of boy still living at home Child support etc?

And the parents are where? At age 17 and 16 you are still considered minor children in the legal sense. You would need to contact your local attorney that specializes in Family Law because it differs by State. In Connecticut, if the father is not of age to legally support his child then the parents are responsible.

What is the legal age of an adopted child to find and meet their birth family without consent of the adoptive parents?