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Many factors to be sorted, age of vehicle , what they want to give and what you will take if not totalled. I have a 72 Nova was hit in rear quarter panel. Insurance said blue book value wasnt but about 500 dollars, I refused to let them total it and got a 750 dollar check from them, drove home. This worked because it falls into vintique classic. Newer vehicles are harder to do this with, You DO have the option of buying the car back from insurance and fixing it as a total and getting a rebuild title. Sister has a Subaru Outback, she rear ended a PU, it did no frame damage all sheet metal damage. They paid her 5,000 or so for the total, she bought it back for 1,100 had body work done for 2,000 so she eneded up with 2,000 in her pocket , the car fixed but with a rebuild title so car is worth 3,000 or so still but you cant tell it was ever wrecked Usually not.

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Q: Do you have any control over whether your car is totaled or repaired?
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