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Do you have to enforce visitation?

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How do you enforce visitation rights if you surrenderd your parental rights?

You can not get visitation rights if you gave up your parental rights.

Can Child Support Enforce Visitation if you didn't file for court ordered visitation?

The State child support agency does not get involved in visitation. And, if there's no court order requiring visitation, it's not likely that the police or District Attorney will get involved, either.

If you have standard visitation through a child support order what can you do to enforce it?

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If you are no longer receiving your court ordered visitation do you still have to pay child support?

Yes and no. In Missouri, when filing to enforce visitation, you can file a motion to put child support on hold. you need to learn how to enforce your visitation. See links below for help.Unless the court has rescinded you child support payments you still need to pay them

Police fail to enforce court order for visitation can they be sued and who does the enforcement of court orders?

Generally not. Visitation is a civil matter, not a criminal matter and police have little authority or responsibility in any civil matter. To enforce your visitation rights, you will probably need to consult a private attorney. Most departments won't even touch a visitation matter unless the child is endangered (and there must be evidence). you will need to contact an attorney to get anything else done.

How does a father enforce visitation in joint custody when the mother won't allow him to see the child in the state of Florida?

Take it to court.

How does a father get visiting rights to see his child without going to court?

He doesn't. Only the courts can award/enforce visitation.

Does a parent have to visit their child?

If there's a court order, yes.Answer & ClarificationNo. A non-custodial parent cannot be forced to comply with a visitation order. Courts require custodial parents to comply with court ordered visitation. Courts do not have the ability to enforce visitation upon the non-custodialparent.

Is there any state that doesn't enforce child support laws?

No. They just don't enforce court ordered visitation at the same level, though denial of access to a father is far more damaging to the child and society in general.

What can you do if you pay support and the custodial parent won't let you vista the child?

Many jurisdictions take denial of visitation seriously. You need a court order setting forth a visitation schedule; having that, you can ask the court to enforce that order.

How can you enforce your visitation when there is an order of protection?

You need a third party to pick up the child and drop him off. That way the parents never meet.

If a father has custody and the mother has visitation rights does the father have the right to deny all access to the child because he is angry?

No, court ordered visitation can only be revoked by the judge issuing the order (sometimes by an appeal to a higher court). The mother should insist her legal representative petition for a court order to enforce her visitation rights.

What if your daughter is 13 If you take her mom back to court to enforce visitation is it possible the judge will say it is her decision to visit or not?

Is the last "her" the mother? , the daughter? the judge? The daughter.

How can I stop paying child support for a child that Ive never seen and doesnt know me When the mother will not allow me to be part of child's life?

Child support and visitation are separate matters. If you do not have court-ordered visitation rights, get them. If you do, go back to court to enforce them - the law is taking an increasingly dim view of custodial parents who deny court-ordered visitation.

What rights does a father have if he has visitation rights and after 8months the mother has kept the son from father?

You need to take the mother back to court to enforce the visitation order. You should act ASAP. The mother is in contempt of a court order and if she continues to ignore the court she could lose custody.

How do you enforce visitation order in Texas?

First you need to develop you evidence of denial of access rights. Once that is done, there are forms at the clerk of the court office for enforcement of access rights. You can file a motion for contempt of a court order if the custodial parent is violating the visitation schedule.

What if you are divorced now and want to see you kids but the mother suffers from Parental alienation syndrome and want let you see the kids without her there?

I do not understand how she could legally could do this. Your settlement agreement should have some visitation allowed. If it does, you can enforce visitation, if the agreement does not allow you to have visitation, you either did something wrong or you sign a lopsided agreement that you will now need to contest. Good Luck

What do you do if the custodial parent is not obeying the court order for visitation?

In some states the parent can contact the department of family and children's services to help enforce the visitation order in most states he or she will need to return to court and request the order be enforced. The custodial parent who denies visitation when there is a court order in affect can be charged with contempt and may be placing their custodial rights in jeopardy depending upon the circumstances.

Ex no show child?

If you have a court order file a motion for contempt. If no court order, get one for visitation quickly, then you can easily enforce your visitation rights. It might be a good idea to call the local sheriff and have a "well" check done on the child to see if everything is OK. It will also let the mother/father know that you are concerned about the child and will also let her know that you are noting for the record, a missed visitation.

Can the father see the baby when he wants and take the child home?

Yes. If there is a visitation order.Yes. If there is a visitation order.Yes. If there is a visitation order.Yes. If there is a visitation order.

How do you enforce visitation rights?

The first thing is there an order set up by the judge for there to be visitations? If so, and you are not getting the visits with your child then you need to contact the court and file a motion for contempt of the visitation order. They will schedule a hearing and may issue a new order. After repeated times of the other parent denying you visits they can lose custody.

What can you do if non custodial parent is not paying and moved to Florida?

File a motion the enforce. Unlike court ordered visitation, child support is enforceable across state lines. Contact child support enforcement.

If a father pays child support and has visitation every other weekend can the mother move and not tell him where his child lives?

No. At the minimum, this is ground for a motion to enforce access rights, and change of custody. see link

Can a mother revoke father visitation rights?

No. Only a court can "revoke" visitation rights.No. Only a court can "revoke" visitation rights.No. Only a court can "revoke" visitation rights.No. Only a court can "revoke" visitation rights.

Can a 5 yr old be forced by police to go on visitation in the state of Texas?

If visitation is court ordered, the 5 year old must go. If the parents try to interfere, court personnel could get involved to enforce the court's order. Often the courts use law enforcement such as county sheriffs or marshalls to enforce orders when necessary. Additionally, custodial interference is often a crime, for which police could arrest the interfering parent. A 5 year old is far too young to have real feelings about visitation. If the 5 year old does not want to go, it is because one of the parents is telling him he doesn't. If the parents have issues with the visitation arrangement, they need to take it up with the court. To refuse to follow a court issued visitation order places the violator in contempt of court. K Thanx ...that is what i told her, she was told at age 3 the police could not force a child to go but I told her they could ... Thanx for your help, that is exactly what I told her.

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