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No, but that is the easiest way to connect a computer to the internet via DSL.

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Q: Do you have to have a Ethernet cable or a wireless Internet card to hookup dsl to your home computer?
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Do you need an Xbox 360 wireless network adapter if you have wireless internet in your home?

If you want a wireless internet hookup for the xbox then it is necessary to have a wireless network adapter. If you don't want to buy one you can always hookup the xbox to the internet with an ethernet cable. but do u only need that cable and it will work?? i have wireless internet and if i connect the ethernet cable to xbox from the computer it will work?? Answer- NO you can not plug ur xbox straight into your computer. You won't get internet that way. You have to use an ethernet cable and plug it into ur wireless router. Or you can just buy a wireless adaptor.

Can a portable computer get internet access on its own without a cable or telephone hookup of any kind?

Yes. You need a wireless network adapter card in your laptop or computer and a wireless router

How do I switch my Ethernet internet link to my USB modem so I can use my Ethernet for different hookup?

put a usb in your laptop and transfer your ethernet file to the usb then place it where ever you want to have ethernet

Can you use internet usb for Xbox 360?

At this time the only Internet connections that are working are either the Ethernet hookup or the Microsoft wireless network adapter. If i find any new info on this subject ill make sure to post it on here!.

How do you get online if you do not have a wireless hub for PS3?

You need internet service to go online. You must either have wireless or ethernet wired hookup to the internet. I used a wireless router connected with ethernet cable to my cable modem. When I didn't like losing the connection I then also used a 50 foot Cat 6 Ethernet cable from one of the 4 wired spots on the back of the CISCO LINKSYS WRT 160N wireless router to my PS3. I noticed improvements in the connection speeds with the PS3 tests using a wired connection and recommend using a wired connection.

I just bought laptop how do i get wireless hookup?

You can get a wireless hookup for your laptop with a cellphone company.

How do you hook up a wireless laptop?

Are you trying to hookup your laptop to a wireless connection? To do this, you will need a cable modem and a wireless router. Make sure that your laptop has wireless internet enabled.

What do I need to hookup an old Gateway computer without an ethernet port to DSL?

Either a router connection and a modem, or a USB Stick Modem.

If you have a desktop computer hooked up through wireless internet would you be able to hook your xbox360 up through the ethernet hookup and be able to get internet on your xbox?

you need to turn on connection sharing and bridge the two connections from the network settings in your computer, then use a crossover cable from computer to xbox, but the connection will be very very sloooowwwwww loss from wifi, then loss because your transfering data from one connection inside your computer to another, loss because your computer has to then talk to xbox. all those times 2 because its sending AND receiving data Thank You Kris -

How do you hookup laptop to laptop?

Ethernet cable or a special usb cable A-B

How do you hookup a Ethernet cord for x box live?

You need to plug the ethernet cable into a port located on the back of the console, near the hard drive.

Can you hookup an Antenna booster for wireless backup camera?

No, yu really cant because yu can mess up yur wireless internet connection and yur camers will get messed up reallly quick. But, it also depends on the kinda camera that you have.

How do you hookup a non WiFi computer to the internet?

You can connect it through a traditional network cable. The computer needs a network card for that.It is still possible to get dial-up service over a telephone line. You can search for a local ISP (Internet Service Provider) that still supports dial-up access. Net-Zero is one such company. This requires a modem port on your computer. (don't confuse with an ethernet port, the connectors look similar, but the ethernet connector is wider than the phone line connector).On a windows system you can check for a Modem or Network adapter with the Windows Device Manager.If you have a Network adapter, usually some ethernet controller, you can get ADSL or a cable modem. If you don't have a network adapter (with an ethernet port). You could buy one.ADSL service uses your phone line, it splits the signal so you can use your phone and computer at the same time. Contact your local ISP.A cable modem, is provided by some TV cable services.With both ADSL and a cable modem service connect to your ethernet port.If you have USB ports you can buy a WiFi adapter and plug into a USB port on your computer. (You can also buy a WiFi card and plug into your computer chassis. This will require that you have access to a wireless network. You can buy a ADSL modem with wireless, or add a wireless access point to your ADSL or cable modem.3G service is available, but expensive.Summary, find a local ISP, they can help you.Dial-up is very slow, and not very useful, downloading pictures, updates, new software is very, very slow.Think about adding wireless to your computer via a card or USB adapter. It means no ugly cables to manage, can handle multiple computers.

Computer hookup for 1990 Ford Ranger?


What does a wireless router hookup to?

All routers, including wireless routers must be connected to your Internet modem to work correctly. Routers usually include installation discs that will help you with the installation of the router to your network. At least one computer/device needs to be used as a control system so that you can change and test your router's settings. If you do not have an installation disc check with the manufacturer for a free download of the installation software.

Does the 2003 Chevy Blazer ZR2 have mp3 hookup?

The 2003 Chevrolet Blazer does not have an MP3 hookup. However, a wireless FM transmitter allows iPods and other music players to work through the speaker system.

How do you connect your hard drive to your computer to mod maps or use halo 3 toy box?

You need a XSATA Hookup/cable or an Xplorer 360 Hookup/cable.

Where can you find a wan hookup Schematic?

The letter WAN means Wide Area Network and basically means a network connection to a wide network, which is considered your ISP. It is a simple hookup, either modem to computer or modem to router to computer.

How can you upload songs on to your phone?

Use a computer hookup, download the songs, and put them on your phone.

Where is the computer hookup on a 1999 Dodge Ram?

The diagnostic connector is under the dash on the driver side.

Can someone access my personal files or see me chatting from another computer if they use our internet access--My computer says a wireless computer is trying to access the internet through my hookup?

If someone has access to the data stream from your computer to any servers you connect to, then yes (in the example of wireless connections). Although it's unlikely they can control your computer, it can see what information you are sending or receiving. You can prevent someone accessing your computer by using a simple firewall, and to prevent someone accessing the data stream, you should use an encryption key. The instructions of how to do so should be on the software manufacturer's website. (microsoft = Use SSL connections when available to ensure security. And never place personal information over a non-secure connection. The way to identify a secure connection is simple, most web browsers have a logo meaning security is enabled. It is usually a closed padlock. These icons will be found either on the address bar or on the status bar.

What is the purpose of a VGA port?

The VGA port can be utilized to hookup a computer, mainly a laptop, to an external monitor such as a computer monitor, a projector, or a flat screen television.

How can the BTC 9019URF Wireless Multimedia USB Keyboard be integrated into my home theater?

You need to develop or hookup a home theater PC to your receiver and connect the keyboard to the PC.

Hookup a netgear wireless router to a netgear non wireless router and the modem?

You can hook up a wireless router to your already existing modem and non-wireless router. However, you need to set up the wireless router by changing it's LAN IP address and by disabling it's router function so it will function as a wireless access point to avoid conflict with your existing non-wireless router. Click for more info.

If you have 3 computers with wireless hookup do i have to download antvirus on each computer?

Yes. Viruses attack a computer. Anti-viruses defend a computer. Pending on your router, there is usually a Firewall on your Router. I would not bide on that for half a second though. The cost of buying an Anti-virus program for 3 computers almost always comes with discounts, or you can find a good free one. I'd suggest: Microsoft Security Essentials.