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Yes. The dealer will require proof of insurance prior to letting you take it home. Especially if there is a loan on the vehicle.

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Q: Do you have to have insurance before you can take it home when you buy it from a dealer?
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If you buy a utility trailer from a dealer do you need to insure it before you take it off of the lot?

In my state the answer is no, as the trailer is covered by your auto insurance. Contact your insurance carrier to find out about your state.

Can you purchase insurance to protect your home from pests?

The answer is NO. Insurance companies actually expect you to protect your homes and take preventive measures before you encounter such problems.

Which healthcare agencies will take insurance for procedures done at home?

Most healthcare agencies will take insurance for procedures done at home. Whether or not home insurance procedures are accepted depends on you insurance provider and if its included in the policy.

If you and the dealer have 21 and you don't insure your hand do you lose or push?

Insurance is like a side bet that the dealer has 21, it is only offered when the dealer has an Ace showing. If you decline the insurance bet and the dealer has 21 then it is a push, if you take the insurance then you push the hand and win the insurance. When a player has 21 it is never a loss. A 21 is a guarantee that you will not lose, the worst case scenario is that you will push.

If you have no insurance and are buying a new car how do you buy insurance without knowing what car you're buying?

It should be possible to set up a new policy at the same time you buy the car. You may have a day delay in being able to take the car home from the dealer. Be very careful about dealer selected auto insurance as it may not include liability coverage. This really shouldn't be too difficult to do.

What is home contents insurance?

Home contents insurance is the type of insurance that a renter would take out. He or she would not be in need of insuring the home, per se, but would want to protect his or her own belongings.

How does home owners deductible insurance work?

I assume you mean how does the deductible work. When you file a claim on any insurance, the insurance company will take out the deductible before it issues the payment to you. In many states the banks are protected and the check has to be made out to you and the mortgagee company.

If you don't take a car home from the dealer do you still have to buy it?

If you signed a contract it is yours. You cannot back out unless the dealer agrees.

When do you take insurance in the card game black jack?

The answer is really never, as it is a bet that will keep you from winning in the long run. If the dealer is showing an ace, there is about a one and three chance of them hitting blackjack and you are basically betting on a fifty fifty gamble. Say you take insurance 100 times for ten dollars each time. You have put in $1000 dollars overall, but the amount of times you'll win is 33, so you would get $667 back from these bets. Insurance against the dealer is called a sucker's bet and this is why. The only time it is good to take insurance is if you are playing in a blackjack tournament because you are playing against other players. If everyone decides not to take insurance and you are acting last, you might take the insurance in the hope that the dealer has it and everyone but you losses money, but this is the only spot where it makes sense.

If your credit in poor and your home owners insurance dropped you can you have a sibling take out insurance on your house?

No, the only parties who can obtain coverage are the ones who actually own the home.

Can an insurance co give you insurance without a license?

yes in my state i had to get insurance before i could get my license back Yes, Every State requires you have an insured vehicle before before you can even take the driving test to get your license.

Can you take your Child off your Insurance before they reach 26?

Yes you can.

Does your home insurance cover elctrical problems?

This depends on what you mean by electrical problems. Home insurance is not made to handle maintenance of your home as this is your responsibility. Insurance is made to take care of sudden and accidental occurrences where the damage is due to a covered cause.

Which is the best car insurance to be preferred?

Since car insurance is mandatory whenever you are buying a car, it is better to evaluate the best in the market before you take a decision. Hence I live in Emirates and last year when I bought my new car someone recommended me Dubai Islamic insurance. I didn't check that in details since my car dealer got from HSBC.

can i take the test at home, or do i have to go to a test sight to take the test before i get my deploma?

can i take the test at home or do i have to go to a test sight to take the test before i get my deploma

Does your daughter have to surrender her drivers license before you can take her off your insurance policy?


What should you do if you left your insurance card at home and got a ticket for no proof of insurance?

go to traffic court and take your proof of insurance with you. this will prove to the judge that you have insurance and they will usually remove that part of the ticket.

where can I take BCLS for healthcare providers before June 5th ?

You can take BCLS for healthcare providers before June 5th from ontiago health insurance

Can a dealer take items out of your car after it is repossessed before you have retrieved them?

Yes, seeing as how the dealer owns your car at this point. Where as all the belongings in the car, now belongs to them.

How long does it take to get the claim check from a life insurance policy?

my mother pased away on 4/28 and the funeral home filed her life insurance on the 29 or 30 how long does that take to receive a check for life insurance

How to take out insurance policy on abandoned home?

To get an insurance policy on an unoccupied property, consult your insurance broker or do some research on your own. This will give you all the different options to choose from.

When you purchase homeowners insurance why do they have to take pictures of the house and do they take just the outside or do they do the inside as well?

Insurance agencies take pictures of the outside of your home to document any previous damages. Whether they take pictures of the inside is at their discretion.

What is the meaning of pre existing?

Preexisting means something that already exists, or exists before this point. For example a preexisting condition in relation to medical insurance is an illness that you have before you take out the insurance.

Getting Discounts On Home And Auto Insurance Policies?

Most major insurance companies that offer home insurance also offer auto insurance. Drivers who are also homeowners can take advantage of this by asking about special discounts and deals for combined policies. Combining both a car insurance and a homeowner's insurance policy will significantly reduce the rates of each and may make a driver eligible for other discounts. Of course, research is still important. Look online and compare quotes to find the best deal on home and auto insurance and make sure that you're buying sufficient coverage before you decide to use one insurer for all of your insurance needs.

When an insurance company is dealing with a fire in your home how long would it take for the replacing of your home?

You will have to ask a Home Builder (Contractor) about how long it will take to rebuild your house. Your insurance company can usually resolve the claim portion withing 60 days. If you are having a disagreement with them then it could take longer. Your Homeowners Insurance company won't be rebuilding the house, they just pay the bill to whomever you choose to as the contractor to build the house for you.