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Doughboy above ground Swimming Pools are available in many sizes, from small round pools, to large ovals. Generally, Doughboy pools are "true measure" pools, meaning that a 24' round pool will measure exactly 24'0" from wall to wall. some pools are measured differently, so it depends on the size of the liner.

There are essentially 3 types of liners:

Overlap liners, which have no bead, are usually stretched into place, to avoid wrinkles. In recent years, most liners are sold to fit either 48" or 52" wall heights. You simply have more excess liner left over, which I recommend be folded under, so that you have a double thickness of liner where it goes over the wall. then clip it on with the coping strip. There is usually enough stretch in an overlap liner to use aftermarket liners. With the popularity of Doughboy pools, other manufacturers are making liners specifically to fit Doughboy. Doughboy's instructions have you completely assemble the pool, stretch the liner in place, then sequentially remove the top rails a few at a time, to "tuck" the liner. Certain Original Doughboy liners have extended wall heights to accomodate installation on pools which have wider top rails.

J-Hung liners have an inverted "U" shaped bead. They are attached directly to the top of the wall. and the stabilizer rails go over the top of the bead.

Beaded Liners usually require the use of a bead receiver, which hooks over the wall, and the liner snaps into the receiver.

CAUTION: While overlap liners have some forgiveness built in, both J-hung and beaded liners must have exactly the right circumference, and wall height, as well as the specified amount of cove (transition from vertical to horizontal) at the bottom of the wall. An improperly installed liner can damage the wall!

NOTE: For pools which have excavated deep areas, an "expandable" liner is used. Expandable liners are made by Doughboy, as well as other manufacturers, specifically for this purpose, and are always overlap liners, because they are streched into the excavated area. You can have a beaded or j-hung liner custom made to fit the excavation, but this is costly. It must be measured perfectly, and there are some concerns that if ground water gets under the liner, it can shift the liner, especially in sand bottoms, and pull the wall in. I would recommend sticking with the expandable liner for excavated pools.

Finally, I would say that, unless your local dealer is totally unreasonable, I would recommend Doughboy liners, but other liners can be used. Just make sure that the chosen liner is of good quality, and that it fits correctly.

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Q: Do you have to use a Doughboy liner in a Doughboy pool?
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How do you install a doughboy round pool liner?

Can you reinstall a Doughboy expandable liner by taking the coping off?

No! Leave the coping on the pool. Pull the liner over the top of the coping and clip it where the liner is sagging down and only touching in the middle without any wrinkles and then start the water. As the pool fills readjust the liner. Click this link to download the full instructions from Doughboy

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How do I vacuum an above ground doughboy pool?

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Are there simple step by step instructions for installing a Doughboy pool liner that is 48 feet long and oval?

Try a google search for Doughboy document DB 0601-D10 or 573-3141. It worked for me.

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He is 100% wrong...your pool, being most likely a doughboy (really one of the few companies who still make a 28), needs a 70in liner or greater....

What kind of liner do you need for an 18' round 4 ft pool that goes down to 5 ft in the center?

Sound like a doughboy pool. If so you will need and expandable liner, they are 20 to 25 mil and have to be "floated in" ,get a pro for this DO NOT try it yourself liners are not cheap.

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