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Do you leave the engine running when you check the transmission fluid on a 2000 Sienna?


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2015-07-15 21:10:57
2015-07-15 21:10:57

it should have a cool check level and a hot check level on the transmition dip stick.

Yes, it has marks for both cold and hot.


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Answer There is a dip stick at the back of the engine. Start your engine first, let it run and check your transmission oil level. You only check transmission oil levels when the engine is running, other oil levels have to be checked when the engine is warm to hot but not running.

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If you have an automatic transmission, check with the engine warm and running, The dip stick is located on the passenger side rear of the engine.

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Check engine oil when you have just finished driving. Check Transmission fluid when the car is running and the transmission in in N (manual) or P (automatic).

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Yes it does. The proper way to check automatic transmission fluid is to check it while engine is at idle.

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Car on level ground. Engine warm- low idle. Parking brake must be working, Engine running, transmission in neutral. Check transmission dip stick.

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