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Yes you do. You need a Class M license to operate a Scooter that is over 49.5cc You do not need a Class M license for a Moped (it has to have pedals on it) you just need your Class C license.

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Q: Do you need a special licence to operate a scooter in Florida?
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It may depend on your jurisdiction. Some require a special license to operate a two-wheeled motorized vehicle.

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Do you need a drivers license in the state of Florida to operate a scooter under 50 cc?

where I live, you have to have a learner's permit and take a special course to ride a scooter or pocket bike under 50ccs, but you could ride it off-road anytime as long as you don't go on anyone else's property without asking them first. google your local DOT office if you need any more help.

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Do you need a motorcycle license to drive a 150 cc scooter in Florida?

Yes, anything over 50cc and up requires a motorcycle endorsed license in Florida. Mopeds and motorcycles under 50cc require no special endorsement, and auto license is suitable.

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