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Yes. It is nessesary to have a filter to keep the water moving and oxygenated. It is also helpful because the water's movement mimics the movement of water in the axolotl's natural habitat. Just make sure that the water does not move too quickly because it could be harmful. If the axolotl is not moved around by the filter and you can not see a current in the water (except above the filter and in its immediate area) then the filter is on too high. Be sure to change the filter regularly as much as needed. Every axolotl is different and thus the filter will become dirty at different times.

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Q: Do you need to filter the water in the tank of an axolotl?
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Why isn't my axolotl eating?

There are a couple of reasons why your axolotl might not be eating like temperature of the tank water and if the water is being cycled, and if you are feeding your axolotl only one typeof food maybe try something different,

Why are you getting water in the fuel filter on a 1996 dodge ram 3500 diesel?

If you are getting water in the fuel filter, it is coming from your fuel tank. You will need to remove and clean the tank.

Does an axolotl need a oxygen pump in its tank?

If axolotls breathes oxygen, then yes.

Can a freshwater tank become a salt water tank?

Yes but you need to buy a saltwater filter to replace the freshwater one.

Do you have to use a filter in a goldfish tank?

A tank really should have a filter. However, a pond does not need a filter. Simply have water hyancinths in with the goldfish and the water will remain balanced. If the fish are hungry, feed them goldfish food or even catfood. :-)

Do goldfish need running water?

Goldfish do not need running water, but they do need a filter that cycles the tank water through filter media. In addition, you need to change at least 50% of the tank water each week making sure that the new water is the same temperature as the old water, and that you add in the recommended dosage of water conditioner per the instructions on the bottle.

Do crawfish need a tank filter and more than a 10 gallon tank?

No you do not need it because crawfish are not good swimers and can die if you have that much water.

How many times do you clean the fish tank?

Once a week. To clean, you need to change about 25% of the water, vaccum the gravel, and rinse the filter in OLD tank water. Tap water will kill the beneficial bacteria in the filter.

Does a 40 gallon water tank need a oxygen filter?

It never hurts to have a filter it will only improve your fish's chances of survival and decrease your need to clean.

Should you always keep a filter on in a fish tank?

Yes you do need a filter in your fish tank ifyou don't the tank will build up dirt and the fish will die. Also when you get a fish tank you need to clean it out then fill it with water then put the filter in and wait 24 hours. This helps to ensure that the tank is somewhat stable before adding fish.

Where is the filter in hot water tank?

There is no filter in a hot water tank. It is very easy and cheap to fit one either side of it.

How big does a tank have to be to keep an axolotl?

I have never kept them but at least a 30ltr tank is advised by experienced growers for one Axolotl and an extra 10 ltrs needs to be added for each extra axolotl tank should be at least 10 gallons.

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