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Do you need to notify any state offices if you are only planning to move to another state for a year?


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2015-08-30 12:40:30
2015-08-30 12:40:30

I did not and it did not matter but I believe your drivers license must have your current address and that should be updated within much shorter time frame than a year but I looked at it as an extended vacation not a relocation. I also had a job for the year in the new state and rented a place which nobody seemed to expect any changing of documentation.

If you are only planning to move to another state for a year then don't need to notify any state office or something like that. Because you would be in the same country. But the driving license must be updated according to your current address otherwise you are in trouble. Don't need to go for changing of any documentation.


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If they are a felon from your sate. notify the state police, if they are a felon in another state, notify the U.S. Marshals office, or the F.B.I.

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You can check with the state offices or a hospital in the state to find out what the requirements are and if the license would be valid in another state.

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AnswerYes but there are situation of when you need to notify your insurance carrier. IE: If that vehicle is permanently garaged in the other state. For Example if you are visiting or working in another state for an extended amount of time your fine. If you or a kid is at college in another state they are fine.

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Yes. Notify your state's office so you can get instructions on compliance with their laws on moving.

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In Australia all of them however if you have a change of address into another state you have to notify the state you are moving into because they want your money in future

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