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Do you put transmission fluid in the car while its running or while its off?


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2015-07-14 15:05:45
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Good Question . The fluid level must be checked with the vehicle level and engine running at idle , Set park brake . Start engine . Then move the shift lever through all gear ranges Ending in NEUTRAL ( NOTE ) Incorrect fluid level readings will result if the vehicle has just been driven at high speeds for aextended period , IN hot weather in city traffic , or pulling a trailer if so let the fluid cool down about 30 minutes . Check fluid level at normal operating temp . add fluid a little at a time Do NOT OVER FILL ( Check LEVEL ON DIP STICK ) as to your question as for adding fluid if you can do it with the engine running sure just watch out for all those moving parts , or be on the save side and turn the engine off ,add fluid , start car , check fluid level , turn off engine , add fluid , start car ,check ,

NOTE: Check with your manufacturer's requirements, not all transmissions should be running when fuid is checked. ie: Ford 5R55 series and several other electronic transmissions will not read correctly when engine is running. Although the majority require the engine to running, many newer transmissions just need to be at operating temperature with the engine off when checking the level.

Some also require the engine to be running and the trans in park and some require the trans to be in neutral while engine is running.


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you need to check your transmission fluid while your car or truck is running to get accurate results

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There actually isn't one. It's a sealed system. There is a cap to fill the transmission directly on top of the transmission. If you need to check the level, lift the car in the air and there is a 11mm plug on the bottom of the transmission. With the car running (Warning: The car must remain running while plug is out!) take the plug out, the fluid should trickle out of the hole. If no fluid comes out add fluid. Don't shut the car off while it is running or else fluid will pour out.

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Your pour it right down the transmission fluid dipstick. Check often and be careful not to overfill. Remember to shift through all gears while the car is on and then check the fluid while the car is still running.

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Maintaining transmission fluid in a car is important to keeping a car running smoothly. A person adds transmission fluid in the same tube of the dipstick, where they check the transmission fluid.

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You sgould add Transmission Fluid through the dipstickwith the car running

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