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Do you think that any President should have the power to pardon people after the courts and people worked so hard to make a legal decision on these cases?

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March 08, 2007 8:10AM

Only if the person was falsely imprisoned and the State owes them an apology. Most people who fall victim to this way of justice have had a lot of their life taken away and want their name cleared. There is no other reason that I know of why a President would pardon a person that was guilty. Clinton passed out a couple dozen pardons to friends and contributors on the day before he left office. I answered from a civilians perspective, but the above poster is so correct. It happens in our Canadian government all the time. Isn't it amazing if we steal we can be sent to prison, but friends of the President or any other powerful official or Premiers in the case of Canada can so lightly pardon their peers for stealing millions of dollars. What gets me is it's tax payers money. There was an incident not long ago in Canada where an official stole millions of dollars and although he basically faded out of sight he didn't even have to serve time in prison, sell property, his home, etc., to try and pay some of the stolen money back and the kicker of it all was he left office with a nice big juicy pension! We should all be so lucky!