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Only if the person was falsely imprisoned and the State owes them an apology. Most people who fall victim to this way of justice have had a lot of their life taken away and want their name cleared. There is no other reason that I know of why a President would pardon a person that was guilty. Clinton passed out a couple dozen pardons to friends and contributors on the day before he left office. I answered from a civilians perspective, but the above poster is so correct. It happens in our Canadian government all the time. Isn't it amazing if we steal we can be sent to prison, but friends of the President or any other powerful official or Premiers in the case of Canada can so lightly pardon their peers for stealing millions of dollars. What gets me is it's tax payers money. There was an incident not long ago in Canada where an official stole millions of dollars and although he basically faded out of sight he didn't even have to serve time in prison, sell property, his home, etc., to try and pay some of the stolen money back and the kicker of it all was he left office with a nice big juicy pension! We should all be so lucky!

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What is the presidental pardon?

A presidential pardon is a decision on the part of the president of the United States to overturn a conviction of a criminal act. Many times pardons are given to people when a president leaves office.

What judicial duties does the president have?

The President has the power to pardon people from federal crimes. He also nominates judges for federal courts, including the Supreme Court. These nominations have to be ratified by the US Senate in order to take effect. (Federal courts belong to the judicial department which is independent of the President.)

What can the President do to people convicted of federal crimes?

The President can pardon the criminal.

How does executive branch check the powers of the judicial branch?

The executive branch ( President) has no real checks on the judicial. The president can pardon people whom he feels have been wrongly convicted or unfairly sentenced by the courts.

What can the president grant to pardon a group of people?


Does the president have the power to pardon people?

yes sir.

What branch can pardon people convicted of federal crimes?

the executive branch (the president) can pardon people convicted of federal crimes.

What branch can pardon people in jail to check the judicial branches power?

The executive branch (the president) can pardon people in jail.

What is the president allowed to do with criminals?

The US president can pardon people for federal offenses.

Why does the president have the power to pardon?

The power to pardon is given by the US Constitution as ratified by the states. (If you want to know why it was given, I think it is because it is a power that kings traditionally have and it provides a last resort appeal in case that justice was not done by the courts. Most state governors also can pardon people for state crimes.

What branch of government can pardon people?

No branch, only the president.

Which president pardon the most people at one time?


What crime can the president not pardon someone for?

I do not think there are any restrictions, except that he can not pardon himself. He can only pardon people from federal laws- not state laws.

What is the president's pardoning power?

The president can pardon or excuse people charged with federal crimes. He can pardon people from future indictments associated with past acts, as Gerald Ford did for Richard Nixon. He can also pardon people convicted by military courts martial and can issue blanket amnesty for all people who have violated laws that are no longer applicable as Carter did for people to fled the country to dodge the military draft during the Vietnam War .

Does the President have the power to pardon a criminal?

Yes. The president has the power to pardon or excuse people from federal crimes.He can pardon people who have not yet been indicted, as Gerald Ford did for Richard Nixon and he can issue blanket pardons as Jimmy Carter did for the people who dodged the draft during the Vietnam War.

What can the president do for a person who committed a crime?

The President has the power to pardon people who have commited federal crimes.

What judicial power does the president have?

The President has the power to nominate federal judges, including the justices of the Supreme Court. His selections must be confirmed by the US Senate. He can also pardon people convicted of federal offenses.

Who can pardon people convicted of state crimes?

Usually the Governor of the state involved. A US president has the ability to pardon anyone in the USA.

How many people can the exiting president of the US can pardon from carceration?

As many as he wants.

What is a group pardon for an offense against the government known as?

A pardon can be given to an individual or a group of people. They are generally given by the President to certain criminals.

What do some people argue that anyone who accepts a presidential pardon?

How can a president pardon himself without admitting to a crime

Why can the presidents have power to take people out of jail?

Yes- the president has the power to pardon people for federal crimes.

Why does george mason argue might happen if the president had the power to pardon people?

Coz if

Who can pardon people convicted of federal crimes?

The power to pardon individuals for federal crimes (whether charged, prosecuted, or convicted, or not) belongs to the President of the United States.

How many pardons can a president grant within his term as president?

There are no restrictions on how many pardons the president may grant. He can even pardon whole groups of people at the same time.