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The 1986 Honda Prelude does not have a clutch cable. The 1986 Prelude has a hydraulic clutch instead of the clutch cable.

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Q: Does 86 Honda Prelude have clutch cable?
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When you install a clutch in a 1986 Honda prelude does it have a cable that needs to be bled?

If your replacing the clutch you shouldn't need to bleed anything. But you probly should adjust it, I'm prety sure the 86 has a cable clutch, which is easy to adjust. if you happen to have a hydrolic clutch you should bleed it just to make sure.

Does 86 clutch cable work on 87 mustang?


Your clutch on 86 Honda prelude is slipping.can it be that the hydraulic clutch reservoir is low where can you check this out?

No, slipping is not affected by low hydraulic fluid level. The hydraulics of your clutch only DISENGAGE your clutch, they do not engage it. If it's slipping, it's either worn out, the pressure plate springs have weakened or you have oil on the clutch disk.

Where do you install the flasher in an 86 Honda Prelude?

drivers side under dash mounted in fuse panel

Does a 89 Honda Prelude hood fit an 86?

no parts for a 89 go thru years 88 thru 91

Will the engine a 91 Honda Civic work in a 89 Honda prelude?

any engine will work with a little mod or alot of mods i wouldnt do it 86-89 honda accord should work

Why 86 Honda Prelude rev up and down?

check your idle air control unit also called an IAC motor

Does an 86 Honda Prelude have a stock air bag?

As in SRS airbag? I'm going to say with reasonable certainty no as my 91 had no airbag.

What does pennzoil pz-18a fit?

Honda Civic 80-89, Integra 86-87, Accord79-83, Prelude 79-82, Honda wagovan 84-87

Ticking noise after spark plugs and negative battery cable replaced in 86 Honda prelude 2.0 SI?

the ticking noise is likely the fuel injectors, which you probably didn't notice before because you weren't looking for anything wrong.

What do you need to put a 91 prelude 2.0 si motor and 5 speed transmission in a 86 prelude 2.0 si with auto transmission?

the pedals , driveshaft, shifter. and stub axels. speedo cable.

Will a 1985 cr 125 Honda clutch cover fit 1986 cr125?

No, the 86 has 7 clutch plate and the 85 has 6 so the 85 clutch cover is not deep enough. I had the same issue

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