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Does America have freedom of speech?


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Yes, America has the freedom of speech, it is in the Constitution (Bill of Rights)

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If you live in America, yes.

we got the freedom of speech because the constution was wrote saying all the women and men had the right to speak their mind.

the freedom of speech or declaration of independence

well in America we have this thing called freedom of speech. for real look it up.

because there was freedom of speech

Yes Japan has freedom of speech. Japan provides for the freedom of speech in its Constitution as well as freedom of press.

does Greece have freedom of speech?

Yes they do have freedom of speech.

Germans have a right to freedom of speech. Their restrictions on freedom of speech are similar to those in America. One restriction in Germany that is notable is that efforts advocating removal of democracy are not covered as free speech. Another restriction is that Germans are not permitted to deny Nazi atrocities. Hate speech and incitement to riot are banned.

Freedom Of Speech is an Ammendment

What state don't have freedom of speech

Freedom of speech is the right given to American citizens which allows them to speak freely of their mind.

freedom of speech and the press freedom of religion free educationvoting rights and slavery

The 1st Amendment deals with the freedom of speech.

Yes if they are a U.S. citizen they have freedom of speech

Freedom of speech has hurt America by causing people like the paparazzi to spread lies, rumors, and ultimately turn America into gossip hungry human beings. However, freedom of speech has allowed Americans to express the way they feel about different situations and it has helped make many necessary changes to our way of life.

There is no "regulations " on freedom of speech. It is part of the Bill of Rights and something like yelling "fire" in a theater is NOT freedom of speech.

Virginia is part of the United States of America so it follows the U.S. Constitution and the First Amendment. The First Amendment guarantees freedom of religion and of speech.

You have freedom as well as freedom of speech.

freedom of religon,freedom of speech, a new start, to own land, and to escape the church of England

john locke created freedom of speech

yes there was freedom of speech in ancient athens.

The first amendment protects freedom of speech.

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