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Does Canada accept E-Z Pass from NY state for tolls on Highway 400?

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Canada does not have too many toll HWY, in Toronto there is only one HWY 407, and it will not accept EZ pass, all other highways are free of charge.

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How much are tolls from Portland Maine you to Hartford Connecticut?

Highway tolls from Portland, Maine to Hartford, Connecticut

What is the distance from Sydney to Bowral?

On Hume Highway it'll be 73 miles. Though, that highway has tolls.

How much do highway tolls cost when driving from Indianapolis Indiana to Chicago Ilinois?

If you drive on Interstate 65 there are no tolls

How much are the highway tolls from Cleveland to Virginia?

Usually around $800.

How much would the highway tolls cost between New York and Louisiana?

That drive can be made entirely on free highways -- no tolls

How much are the highway tolls between Georgia and Milwaukee Wisconsin?

how much highway toll between georgia and milwaukee wisconsin

How much would highway tolls cost when driving from Buffalo NY to Georgia?

how much will it cost in tolls from Marietta Ga to Buffalo Ny

What is the difference between a Highway Freeway and an expressway?

Turnpikes have tolls and freeways dont.

How much are highway tolls from Baltimore to Atlantic City?

The cost of highway tolls going from Baltimore, Maryland to Atlantic City, will depend on which highway is taken. JFK Memorial Highway is $8 while the Ft. McHenry Tunnel and the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel are $4 each. To exit in New Jersey, the Jersey Turnpike is $13.85.

How much would the highway tolls cost when driving from Baltimore MD to Brooklyn New York?


How much do highway tolls cost when driving from Toledo OH to Milesburg PA?

Under $20.

How much are the tolls from nh to Orlando FL?

It depends which bridges/tunnels you span and what highway you take.

Will your American e-zpass work in Canada for any tolls?


What tolls are there from Chicago to Wisconsin dells?

There are only tolls as far as the state line, because Wisconsin doesn't have any.

How much are the tolls across the us on interstate-80 from California to New Jersey?

Shouldn't hit any tolls until between Chicago and through Ohio. The rest of it is without tolls, and then the fees are based on distanced traveled on any one highway.

What are the highway tolls betweenb New York city and St John NB?

If you do not take I-95, you will encounter tolls on the New York Thruway, then heading west/north on the MassPike. I don't believe there are any more tolls going northbound through Maine on the I-95.

How much would the highway tolls cost driving form New York to Chicago?

IN a passenger car, about $25.00

How much will it cost in tolls to travel through Missouri?

The cost to travel in tolls to travel through Missouri will vary depending on the starting point. The state of Missouri has over 30 tolls.

How much does it cause in tolls from Fall River MA to Allentown PA?

if your tank is 20 mpg on highway it will be about 38 dollars

How much would highway tolls cost driving from Milwaukee Wisconsin to Holley New York?

Die poo face.

What is the shortest route from Stamford CT to Ottawa Canada?

Take I-95 SOUTH to I-287 WEST to WHITE PLAINS and the TAPPAN ZEE BRIDGE at EXIT 21 in New York.Take I-287 WEST across the Tappan Zee Bridge to I-87 New York State Thruway (toll road) NORTH to ALBANY.Take I-87 NORTH and, eventually, I-90 WEST on the New York State Thruway (toll road) to I-481 to SYRACUSE and OSWEGO at EXIT 34A. You want I-481 NORTH to OSWEGO.Take I-481 to I-81 NORTH to WATERTOWN at EXIT 9N.Take I-81 NORTH to CANADA. You will cross at the THOUSAND ISLANDS BRIDGE (toll bridge).Once you have cleared the border, continue straight and follow signs to HIGHWAY 401 EAST to OTTAWA and MONTRÉAL.Take HIGHWAY 401 EAST to HIGHWAY 416 NORTH to OTTAWA at EXIT 721A.Take HIGHWAY 416 NORTH to HIGHWAY 417 EAST to OTTAWA.Take HIGHWAY 417 EAST to Ottawa.There are tolls on this route:NOTE: all of these tolls are calculated with the assumption that you drive a 2-axle car with no trailer.The first toll road is the New York State Thruway. The cash fare is $11.60 and the EZ-Pass Fare is $11.02.The second toll is the Thousand Islands Bridge crossing into Canada from the U.S.A. on I-81. The cash fare is $2.50.

What is the amount of tolls on thr garden state parkway from the NJ turnpike to the ny thruway?

tolls between ocala fl and worcester ma.

What is the cost in tolls from exit 14A Garden State Parkway to wildwood NJ?

what are the cost of tolls from Exit 159 to Wildwood Crest, NJ

What are the tolls on garden state parkway?

From thruway exit 14A to garden state exit 40

How much do highway tolls cost from Florida to Connecticut?

I know I payed at least $40 dollars if not more going from Ct to Fl.

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