Does Jamal play the ghost in hamlet?

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Q: Does Jamal play the ghost in hamlet?
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Who is the ghost name that appears in the play Hamlet?

The ghost is King Hamlet, Hamlet's deceased father.

Who is the ghost in the play Hamlet?

The ghost is the spirit of Hamlet's father, come to ask Hamlet to avenge his death.

In the beginning of the play Hamlet Hamlet is morning the death of who?

His father, Old Hamlet. The ghost who later speaks to him.

Does any ghost is there in Othello?

No, there are no ghosts in Othello. Hamlet is the Shakespearian play that has a ghost.

What role did shakespeare play in hamlet?

he played the Ghost

What roles did Shakespeare play?


Hamlet is convinced the ghost is not evil when?

When Claudius flees from the 'Mousetrap' play, as Hamlet hoped he would.

What was a shakespeare play about a danish prince who is haunted by a ghost?


In which shakespeare play does a ghost walk on the battlements?

Hamlet in the introduction

Was king Hamlet killed while he was sleeping?

Yes, in Shakespeare's play "Hamlet", Hamlet's father's ghost (the ghost of King Hamlet) tells Hamlet that he was poisoned by his brother while sleeping. That he was murdered by having poison poured into his ear.

Hamlet is the only character who sees King Hamlet's ghost throughout the playTrue or False?

False. At the beginning of the play, Bernardo and Francisco also saw the ghost. They were the first ones stated to have seen the ghost of Hamlet's father.

What is the function of the ghost in the play Hamlet?

The Ghost sets up the situation for Hamlet. He confirms that Claudius is a murderer and commands Hamlet to kill him. Hamlet is game, but spends a lot of time trying to figure out how to do this properly and safely.

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