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Yes, if you meet the grounds for an annulment.

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Q: Does New York allow annulments
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Does New York state allow annulments?

Yes. The grounds for an annulment in New York are: " of you was already married, you are siblings or close relatives, you were underage, the marriage was never consummated, or was based on fraud, or one of you was mentally retarded or mentally ill, or you were forced into the marriage."

What states allow annulments?

As far as I'm aware every state of the US allows annulments, but only under certain grounds.

Does New York allow children?

It's obvious that New York allows children.

Is there death penalty in New York?

No, New York along with 14 other states do not allow the death penalty

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Does new york allow garnishment of wages?

Generally, yes.

What states do not allow semi monthly payrolls?

new york

Can a 16 year old girl get emancipated in Volney New York?

No, there are no emancipation laws in New York that would allow this to happen.

The only state to allow a direct vote on the constitution?

New York

The only state to allow a direct vote on the constution?

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Did the marijuana bill for ny pass?

The New York State Assembly Passed a Bill to allow medicinal use of Marijuana in New York State.

What states allow consent to rate for Workers' Compensation?

Florida, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts

Does workers compensation allow you to seek a second opinion in New york?

Does workers compensation allow you to seek a second opinion

Does NY state have statutes to allow emancipation?

No, New York does not have emancipation statutes.

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In New York state can you expunge a misdemeanor?

New York state law will not allow a conviction to be expunged. However, if you are convicted of a misdemeanor, it doesn't carry the same weight as a felony.

Can you drive in new york state with your Connecticut learners permit?

Yes, subject to the laws and restrictions which New York places on drivers with learner's permits, as well as those placed on your licence by the State of Connecticut. Additionally, New York does not allow out-of-state learner's permit holders to drive in New York City.

What states allow common paymasters?

Two states that allow common paymasters are Rhode Island and New York. Also, Michigan, Minnesota, and Hawaii allow common paymasters.

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The three ways that allow the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to change the reserves of its member banks are emergencies, Government regulation and supervision, and fluctuations.

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Budget Car rental has locations in both the United States and in Canada. That includes Ontario where they'll allow you to return a car you rent in New York.

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No, Michigan does not allow the burial of living people.

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