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should be fuel injection (SI sequential injection)

Most Hondas made up until about 1988 were carbureted, at which point they all switched to fuel injection. (The main difference then was whether they used dual point injection or multipoint injection...the Si models used multipoint.) Prior to 1988, you could tell if a Honda sport model was carbureted by the model designation. "S" was used for the sport models that were carbureted (S = Sport), while "Si" stood for the sport models that were fuel injected (Si = Sport Injected). A prime example was the Prelude, which offered a twin-carb version called the "S" and a fuel injected version of the same car called "Si." This naming strategy was common in the 80s with other manufacturers as well. Take, for instance, the Merkur XR4Ti. The "T" stood for "Turbocharged" while the "i" stood for fuel "injection," in the same was that the "i" stands for fuel injection on Honda Si models.

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Q: Does a 1989 Honda Civic SI have a carburetor or fuel injection?
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