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Does a 1993 F-150 have a fuel shut off switch and if so how do you go about opening the fuel back up to the engine 351W?


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Check the Inertia switch, it is usually located near the gas tank. Your owners manual or a parts store can help you with the location. Usually they can be reset. They are there to stop the electric fuel pump in a roll over or sudden impact but can sometimes be triggered by going over a large pothole or bump or stopping too quickly.

Look behind passenger side kick panel,push down on top of switch to reset.


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how to static time a ford 351w

There are different ways. One is that the 351w fuel pump bolts to the timing cover,the 351c bolts to the engine block. Water flows through the 351w intake manifold and does not on the 351c. The 351w has inline valves and the 351c has canted valves. The 351w has squared intake ports and the 351c has huge round ports. Hope this helps some.

what carbutor model engine fit in a 1994 ford f150 with a 5.8 lighting engine

The simple difference between the 302 and 351w is simply deck height. The 351w is taller. They share a majority of interchanging components. Both the 302 and the 351w have a water cooled intake meaning a water bypass hose between the water pump and intake. The 351m would have an aircooled intake meaning no bypass hose. Also the head design of a 351m would make the engine look a lot larger (wider) than the 302/351w

No the 351W was not injected until 1988 and was not rollerized untill1994 I believe.

They are all good engines but the m is not a powerful engine. The 351c code R is considered by most to be the most powerful but there were low power models built which was Code H. The 351W is an entirely different engine than the 351C even though they are the same size.

The W stands for windsor. Ford is the manufacturer of this engine, and put it in everything from passenger cars to vans and trucks

351 cubic inches... i was 18 when i had the same question and bought a 351w engine as an answer : )

yes, but it's not a direct swap. the 351W is a small block and the 360 is a big block. As such you will need to change things like motor mounts.Good luck

Shouldnt be a problem...may need transmission, and engine mounts from the 302.

Anything ispossible I ones swap a 351W to a Strait 6 Cyl.

The answer is yes you can. The bellhousing is the same for the I6, 302, and 351w. You will need the flywheel for the engine you are swaping in. You may also need to change the computer. But if the motor is from around the same year everything should connect just fine.

10 degrees BTDC ( unless the engine compartment decal shows different )

This is a question that is better answered by the employees at an auto parts store, or your local Ford Parts Department.

AnswerThe firing order of the early 351W engine is different from the late 351W engines. The early 351W�s firing order is 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8, while the smaller Windsor engine�s firing order is 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8. What makes this interesting is that 289/302 cams are completely interchangeable with 351W cams, providing you match the firing order to the camshaft. If a 289/302 cam is used in a 351W engine, the firing order must be changed to the 302 sequence 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8 by moving the wires on the distributor cap. The same procedure is used if a 351W cam is used in a 289/302W engine where the firing order in the distributor cap must match the camshaft. Not only is the firing order different on the 302- and 351W engines, but Ford also numbers its cylinders differently than GM engines. On the Ford it is 1,2,3,4 on the passenger side starting at front of engine, and 5,6,7,8 on the drivers side.I don't know who gave that "answer", but they must be Chevy people!! The 351Modified is NOT a WINDSOR engine!! It is derived from the 351CLEVELAND and it and its big brother the 400 share nothing with the little Windsor. The firing order for the 351/400M engines is 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8. All the blah blah about 289 cams etc. is totally irrelevant to the question!!

No, the 351m has a big block bolt pattern, and the 351w has a small block pattern, this caused some what of a problem for me seeing as I had 5 spd tranny off a 351w that I wanted to put on my 351m.

Ford 351cid 5.8L W (for Windsor) 210 HP, @3,600rpm and 330 ft/lb torque @ 2600rpm. This engine discontinued in 1997. The Lightning model truck with 351W- 240HP @ 4200rpm and 340 ft/lb torque @ 3200rpm. The Lightning model was only produced for 3 (three) years, from 1993 until discontinued in 1995. The difference in HP was a different cylinder head, with bigger valves, 1.84" intake and 1.54" exhaust,and a cam with a slightly longer lift duration and dual stainless-steel tube headers (Not legal in California) The bottom end is identical, 4.00" bore.

1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8 Distributor rotates counterclockwise.

A 4.2 liter V-6 transmission will bolt to a 351 cubic inch engine. You might need to change the Bell housing, in order to make it work.

on an 87 bronco with a 351w (5.8) its on the drivers side right above the oil filter.

ported heads, 4 bbl carb nice cam, and if you want to chance it stroke it, i have a little tip about strokin a 351w

Yes. There are many major differences between the 351W and 351C, but mounting and bellhousings are generally interchangeable. Differences include water pump and water routing through the block, timing chain cover, the 351W crankshaft has significantly larger bearings (3 inch mains), the 351W had non-canted wedge heads while the 351C has canted valve heads with different water outlets (they will interchange with suitable special aftermarket intake manifolds), block deck heights, and so on. While the 351C was initially favored as a high performance engine, the valves and ports were later found to be too large even for high performance applications. The current NASCAR heads have less valve cant, smaller chambers, and smaller ports with higher velocity than standard 351C heads had. For most applications like trucks or passanger cars, the 351W is a vastly superior engine with better fuel economy and more torque and power. A swap from a 351C to a 351W is a good modification for a street engine, or even a high performance engine.

351m (modified) were last made in about 1980 to 83... 351c (clevelands) were last made in about the same time. the police interceptors had a 351w with a card on it.

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