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Does a 1996 Buick Riviera need a 4 wheel alignment?


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Yesy, All front wheel drive cars should ideally have FOUR WHEEL alignment. BOB yes I am pretty sure If not I don't know where you live but If you have a car with transmission and a gasket effect on the motor and a four-wheel drive there should be a Auto zone or Transmission Buffalo car shop near bye. sincerely, alley an eleven year old transmission girl that works with her dad and knows alot aboyut cars . For the most part many people do not need an alignment, this is the first thing that they will think is the problem, while most of the time it is something completely different. Make sure all your tires are properly inflated, and then try balancing your tires, that is the more common problem then needing an alignment and it will save a lot of money. The 17 yr old Buick racer


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Bad tire, bad tie rod end, bad wheel bearing, or bad rack and pinon.

??and what is it you wish to know??

its the sencor in the blinker plan on spending $500 or more part and labor they have to remove the steering wheel

how do you bypass pass key on 96 buick riviera? wire from key switch has been pulled out of connector?thanks.Carl.

A variety of options exist. See the Reatta forum What is a riviera witch?

Around $50, Many offers for lifetime free alignment with $150.

If it's like all the Riviera models from '95 thru '99, it's under the rear seat, passenger side.

under the back seat in a black box on driver side

In the distributor, buy a new one and read the instructions

Some people just should not be allowed to work on cars.

Under the dash on the passenger side below govebox

Any brand as long as it is the correct size battery.

For JUST an alignment $50 - $60. If parts are required, could be alot higher.

It is easier just to fix the problem. But their are several posts on this sight including mine, saying how to do it.

I own a 1996 Buick Riviera and the check engine light started flashing.I noticed a slight loss in acceleration.Could this be bad gas,a clogged fuel filter,or the spark plugs and wires may need changing.Help me.

There is a Technical Service Bulletin out for this issue. The fix is to loosen the trans mount on the driver's side and reposition it.

No, can not be disabled. Must have correct key for computer to activate fuel pump and starter.

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1995-1996: Base; 6Cyl 3.8L GAS This might work but the part is $230.

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