Does a 2003 Asian release Philippines Rav4 come with a timing belt or chainwhen will be the replacement?

All 2003 Ravs come with an all metal timing chain. The beauty of the metal chain over the formerly used rubber belt is service life and less maintenance. Rubber belts were to be replaced every 60,00 miles (you will have to convert that to kilometers). A metal chain, given proper maintenance (regular oil changes) will last quite long,usually 100,000 miles. The chain does NOT fail catastrophically as the rubber belt would, but it does over time tend to stretch, and thereby cause a degrading effect on engine timing. This will show up as decreased gas mileage, pinging or excessive valve train noise, and a fall-off in engine performance. SOME timing chain stretch can be accomodated via engine timing adjustments, however, should not be attempted on a higher mileage unit. Say, over 100,000 miles. At that point, it's best to replace, given all other factors on the vehicle are up to snuff.