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Q: Does a 69-year-old man still owe his 23-year-old daughter child support if he went to prison for ten years when she was nine?
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What if the father goes to prison does your child support stops?

If the father goes to prison his responsibility for child support does not stop. For all practical purposes, he will have no income and will not be able to pay you one cent. Do not expect to get any money out of him while his is in prison.

Where does Hester live after she is released from prison?

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Does the State of MO take over child support while your ex-husband is in prison?

Only if you qualify for Welfare. Child support arrears cannot accrue on someone in prison.

What percentage child support does someone owe while in prison?

Support is based on a percentage of net income; therefore, a prison inmate's obligation is, in effect, zero. However, any court order in effect when the obligor entered prison continues until it is modified.

Does the money you owe child support keep adding up if you are in prison?

Yes, while in prison you are obligated to pay child support and any monies you make in prison can be put towards child support. However, each State is difficult so it is wise to get legal counsel. Here is a good website for prisoners regarding child support enforement. Support.html

Just out of prison need to establish child support?

See links

Your dad is in prison can your child support check be taken away if you homeschool?


How can you beat child support?

Technically you can not beat child support unless you are sincerly unable to aford to pay or are in Prison for a national defence.

How do you get child support when your ex is in prison?

You don't. In fact, if your ex is smart, he will petition the courts to terminate or at least suspend, his support obligation.

Can a mother who was ordered to pay support purposely quits her job to avoid paying support and is awaiting a prison sentence in 5 months have her support amount reduced while incarcerated?

Actually it stops while in prison, according to Judge David Grey Ross, Commissioner of the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement.see link

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Is it possible for fathers to obtain income while in prison and pay child support?

According to Judge David Grey Ross, Commissioner of the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement, while in prison, there is no specific obligation or accumulation of arrears.

Prison time for back child support in Missouri?

until arrangements are made to pay it

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If the father is paying child support then he goes to prison is there any help for the mother?

Only Welfare

Does child support stop if a parent goes to prison?

Not automatically. The incarcerated person must request it.

If you were in prison is there a way to reduce the amount of child support owed to the state of Texas for government assistance paid to the custodial parent during that time?

File a motion to modify. In 2000, Judge David Grey Ross, Commissioner of the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement ruled that support cannot accrue while in prison.

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After you have been released from prison can you file a petition asking the court for the time you were incarcerated to waive your child support payments?

Judge David Grey Ross, Commissioner of the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement stated in 2001 that those in prison cannot accrue arrears.