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Yes, surviving family members are not responsible for the contract nor any outstanding debt associated with such. An exception MIGHT be a surviving spouse where the married couple resided in a community property state.

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Q: Does a Verizon cell phone contract become void if the sole holder of the contract dies?
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Do you need a contract to get a Verizon phone?

does verizon require a contract

If you buy a Verizon cell phone can you get a Verizon contract on that phone?

Yes you can

Do Verizon give out free phones with contract renewal?

If you are on a contract with a phone company you can get a free upgrade if you are on contract with them, you just need to talk to Verizon about free Verizon phones while on contract.

Do you have a no contract cell phone from Verizon?

Here's a Verizon phone with no contract: . You'll need to buy service separately,

Can I get a no contract phone with Verizon?

Yes, you can get a no contract phone with Verizon. You can buy it everywhere, even at the Verizon store. But you have to be aware that certain discounts do not count when you buy a no contract phone, and your phone has to be verizon compatible.

Can you buy a Verizon phone at walmart and hook it up to your Verizon contract plan?


What is the advantage of buying cell phones from Verizon?

Buying the phone from Verizon can save you money, time, and effort. Verizon has excellent prices on mobile phones, and it's easier to buy the phone with a contract than to buy the phone and contract separately.

How to Verizon phone off the lost list?

The account holder that placed the phone on the lost list must call Verizon Wireless to have it removed.

Can you get a new Verizon phone before the contract is up?

When you are on a two year contract with verizon, and it's been two years, you can get a new phone three mouths before it up!

Can you tell me about the Verizon no contract plan?

People that have smartphones with Verizon may have no contract they just buy the smart phone in a very expensive price but with no contract. Just go to the Verizon website and see the plans.

How much is an average Verizon wireless phone?

The average Verizon wireless phone varies significantly, depending on the type of phone desired as well as the ability to sign a contract with the company. Phones can range from $0 with a low end phone or a contract to $500+ with a high end phone and no contract.

How much does Verizon charge to unlock a Verizon phone?

Nothing. After the contract that is related to a particular phone has expired, or is renewed with a different phone, Verizon customer service should be able to unlock the phone free of charge.

What are the benefits of a Vodafone contract versus a Verizon contract?

"A major benefit of a Vodafone contract versus a Verizon contract is that with Vodafone you can upgrade 6 months earlier than Verizon. Also, Vodafone has a buyback program where you can cash in your old mobile phone, whereas Verizon does not have this type of deal."

Where can I find information on a Cell Phone with Verizon and Verizon no contract plans? is a great resource for you since you are specifically asking about Verizon. They have excellent customer service available by phone, internet or at the Verizon shops.

I would like to know if its possible to turn my verizon contract phone and switch it to a pre-pay?

I would like to know if its possible to turn my verizon contract phone and switch it to a pre-pay??

How old do you have to Verizon wireless?

You must be 18 to be eligible for a contract with Verizon Wireless. You can have a Verizon Wireless prepay phone in your name at any age!!

I am about a year into my contract with Verizon for a Env touch and i want to buy the new i phone Can I get it for the 200?

You need to go and ask Verizon what your options are (it will depend on the contract you signed).

How much does the SONY psp phone cost?

$100= with contract (Verizon) $400-$450= without contract

Which cheap cell phone, no contract phone would you prefer?

I would pick Verizon wireless plan because although you have to sign a contract they have really good rates and you can talk to anyone that also has Verizon for free.

Does Verizon give you a free cell phone when you sign a contract?

Verizon sometimes give you a free cell phone when you sign a contract. It really depends on what kind of cell phone you are looking for. They have simple phones all the way up to the extreme iphone.

Can a Verizon contract phone be used as a pre-paid phone?

Yeah it can be driods can even be used as a prepaid phone

If the primary account holder has his New Every Two Credit but a secondary holder wants a new phone but his contract isn't up can he still get it?

Yes, but they will charge more for the new phone and extend the contract.

What is a contract phone?

a contract phone is a phone thru any provider (tmobile, verizon, at&t) that you have chosen to keep that contract or plan with them for any amount of time. most common are 1 & 2 year contracts.

How old do you have to be to get a Verizon cell phone plan?

You must be at least 18 years of age to get a cell phone contract with Verizon. This is because it is illegal for minors to enter into contracts.

What is Verizon wireless free Government phone?

Verizon make discount for user frequently and Verizon wireless free government phone is a part of Verizon wireless internet. Peoples can get the free government phone from Verizon. But they will become low income family or government employee.