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I live in Ohio and I do believe the child in question must live with the parent MORE than 50% of the year for that particular parent to be "the Residential Parent". In my case, it was described in the Divorce Decree that I was to be the sole custodian and residential parent.

If you need further info, try calling the Ohio State Bar Association and see if they can point you in the right direction or give you the info you need- they may even be able to do it for "free". :)


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Q: Does a child have to live with a parents half the time for that parent to be considered the residential parent in Ohio?
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What is the difference between a custodial parent and a residential parent?

A custodial parent is the parent who has custody of the child. Usually, that would be both parents. A residential parent is the parent who the child lives with the most.

Who is financially responsible for child in residential custody?

Both parents are. The parent who does not have residential custody usually pay child support to the one who has residential custody to be used to pay for the child. Both have to pay for their child.

Is it considered runaway if the child leaves to live with the non custodial parent?

With the permission of the residential parent? Yes. see related question.

Interrogitory about residential parent?

What if a residential parent had to go to jail and the child is with a friend. Can the other joint go get her.

If your child lives with you but you share legal custody with the other parent are you the custodial parent?

Primary residential

Who is considered next of kin adoptive parent or biological parent?

Adoptive parent. Once a child has been adopted, his adoptive parents are his parents, period. It is as though he had been born to them. He no longer has ANY legal relationship to his birth parents; he has no claim on them nor they on him.

Can a parent kick a child out at age 17?

Legally they cannot kick them out. Until the child is an adult, usually 18, the parents are considered responsible for them.

Can child support be reduced if the custodial parent gets a job?

yes It's possible but unlikely because, in general, child support is based on the obligor's net income. In some countries like Australia, parental child support is based on a percentage of the non residential parent's net income. This amount is regardless of what the residential parent earns. The governmental child assistance amount changes according to the residential parent's income. (In the case of Aus, RESIDENCY means whichever parent had the child living with them at the time. CUSTODY means whichever parents has the responsibility for decisionson the child's life. Generally this means both parents unless neglect, violence etc is involved)

Can a mothet still get child support even if you have equal custody?

Your court order should state who is considered the "residential parent" if that is you, you can request through the court for adequate help with providing for the child(ren).

Is a gift from child to parent treated the same as a gift from parent to child?

Parents have about the same enthusiasm when they get a present from there kids as the kids when they get a present from their parents.

How much do parents influence their children?

Parents are the biggest influence on a child. The parent that the child is with the most, the child will act like them the most. When a parent does something mean or rude or they cuss then the child thinks its okay to do that, which its not. The child is with there parents the most, therefore the parents have a huge influence on their children

Can a 16 year old whose parents have joint custody move in with either parent?

In my state (Georgia) when a child is 14 and both parents are in a position to care for the child then the child can choose which parent he/she wants to live with. The judge will of course have the final say so, but the child's wishes are greatly considered.

Is it considered child abuse when your parents are divorced and one parent doesnt let you call the other parent?

That completely depends on the law where you live and the terms of the custody order.

Is the parents of a minor child that have a child responsible for their baby?

No, the minor parent is.

Are parents legally responsible for child?

parents are in every way responsible for their child and they should always be there if the child is in need of their parent.

What states restict a custodial parent from move out of state withou the noncustodial parents consent?

All states restrict the removal of a child by one parent when both parents have parental rights.All states restrict the removal of a child by one parent when both parents have parental rights.All states restrict the removal of a child by one parent when both parents have parental rights.All states restrict the removal of a child by one parent when both parents have parental rights.

What is a birth parent?

A birth parent is either of the two biological parents of a child.

Can a parent kidnap a child?

If the non- custodial parent takes the child without permission it is considered kidnapping.

Could it be considered contributing to the delinquency of a minor if a child's parent facilitates that child seeing another child against that child's parents wishes?

Depends on the meaning of "seeing".

Can a child put their parents on child support?

No. Child support is paid by a non-custodial parent to the custodial parent. If the parents are not supporting their child the child should speak with a trusted adult who can help them report the situation to the proper authorities.

What is residential custody in Maryland?

"Sole" or "primary" residential custody can mean something very different to a particular parent. "Residential custody", also referred to as "physical custody", refers to where a child sleeps overnight. A parent has "residential custody" when their child sleeps at his/her house overnight, even though the child may have spent the entire day with the other parent. Residential custody should be thought of as a parenting plan agreed to by both parents, or imposed by a judge, which describes where a child sleeps. "Joint custody" is made up of two separate pieces: (1) a nearly equal division of residential custody, and (2) joint legal custody. The first piece, residential custody may, does not always, mean that a child spends equal overnights with both parents. Joint custody always does mean that the parent whom the child is with, has right and obligation to provide a home for that child and to make the day-to-day decisions that are necessary when the child is in his/her custody. The second piece, "joint legal custody", always does mean that both parents have the exact equal obligation and authority to make long range decisions about education, religious training, discipline, medical care, and other matters of major significance for a child's life and welfare. When parents have joint legal custody, neither parent's rights are superior to the other. "Shared custody" is a numerical analysis Maryland law uses only for child support purposes. Parents have "shared custody" when one of them has a child in his/her residential custody for 35% or more of the overnights in a 365 day period. When "shared custody" exists, the amount of child support paid is substantially reduced in most circumstances. The reasoning is that because the party who is required to pay child support has the child with them overnight frequently enough, that they are paying for more of the child's needs while in their own home. So they need not pay as much child support over to the other parent.

Does the driver get a ticket for a child's seat belt if the child's mother is present?

yes, although it may not be the parents fault the parent will still get a ticket because the child """doesnt know better""" and the parent not making the child wear a seatbelt can be considered child endangerment

If a letter is addressed to the parents of is the letter addressed to the child or the parent?

If the letter says: "To the parent/guardian of _______" Then the letter goes to the parents.

What is a parent called after they lose their child?

Devastated. They are also still called parents; parents who've lost their child.

Can a child receive SSDI from both parents if both parents get SSDI?

Only one parent can claim the child.