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In SOME states, they have to send you a "right to cure" letter, but as far as "I'm coming to get your car at 4:30" NO. IF you are in default on the loan, the lender is hounding you wanting money, then you are subject to be repoed at the LENDERS discrection. Get your personal property out of the vehicle.

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Q: Does a company have to give you a notice in order to repo a car?
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Does the finance company have to give you written notice before they repo a vehicle in CA?

NO. the repo rate would go to the bottom if they told you. BTW, they already did in the CONTRACT. Look at the DEFAULT clause.

Can a repo company repo your RV if you are living in it?

Depends on the state laws, they may need to serve you with a eviction notice before repo. Although if nobody is home and the repo man shows up good chance they would repo it and expect nobody lives in it.

What is a notice of intent to repo?

section 21

How do you get your personal items out of your repo?

Call the repo company.

How can you get personal items back after repo in California?

The repo company should notify you about your belongings, if not, Contact your bank who will give you the phone number to the repo company who took your car and make an appointment within 30 days.... after 30 days your belongings are trashed

What happens when they repo your car and they shouldn't have?

If the bank made a mistake they will return the vehicle to you, the repo company is under a hold harmless and work the accounts the banks give them.

In Texas can a repo company charge for you to get your personal belongings?

no they have to give you anything that is not part of the car, they have to give you notice they have things of yours for 30 days i think or 15 one of the 2 if you bought a stero then they get to keep it same goes for rims or anything that is bolted down

What are basic repo storage fees etc typical in NY?

It can vary from repo company to repo company. but on average in the ny area storage fees can range from $15-40 a day. It depends on the arangement the repo company has with the bank

In Florida is there a limit on the amount of money that a repo company can charge?

In Florida, the repo company charges the lender with the cost to repo the car. However, the repo company can charge no more than $25 for storage of personals found in the auto.

Do you need a repo license to work for a repo company in Florida?


How much are repo fees?

As much as the company performing the repo charges.

How does an active towing and recovery company become a repossession agent?

The active towing company will need REPO insurance and REPO agents. And some REPO clients.

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