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Men tend to carry weight in the waist area, women in the hips and thighs. Carrying too much weight in those areas is unhealthy and can be a sign of future heart problems.

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Q: Does a fat belly mean health issues?
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Are you fat if you have a belly?

No! Every one has a belly. Unless your belly is big, your health is good.

Is eating salmon belly fat good for health?


Is belly fat an indicator of poor health?

It really depends on how much belly fat you are talking about. A "pudge" is not an indicator of poor health. But generally if you are overweight by 30+ pounds you are more at risk of many health ailments.

Can kids have fat bellys?

Yes, anyone can, and I had a fat belly when I was a kid. But, being very fat can harm your health.

Is eating salmon belly fat bad for health?

not at all , u can eat salmon belly fat whatever way u cook because of its omega 3 which we all need it so do not worry about to eating salmon belly fat

How to get rid of belly fat quickly at home?

Belly fat is one of the most common problems that people suffer from. Belly fat is more of an aesthetic problem than a health-related one. Despite of that, belly fat can be the cause of many health related problems. One of the biggest reasons of having belly fat are unhealthy lifestyle habits. If you are willing to get rid of your belly fat naturally, then you need to change certain things in your lifestyle. Getting rid of belly fat fast isn’t hard: you just need to reduce the body fat percentage. Fat percentage is the easiest and fastest way to measure your body fat. Apart from that, your body fat percentage will also reflect the rate at which you lose belly fat. To lose belly fat in 4 simple steps, You need to visit my profile description where you'll find a website just copy and open in a new tab. Thank you.

Will losing belly fat help with my sleep apnea?

Yes, losing belly fat will help with your sleep apnea. Losing the belly fat will help your body relax and be able to sleep better. Perhaps you might have some stress issues as well that may cause it to worsen.

What are some health issues related to fat babies?

There are many health issues that can occur from a young child, or even a baby, being overweight or fat. These include asthma, diabetes, and heart problems.

I knew to lose tummy fat and was wondering if there is a website I can go to for tips on doing so?

There is a website called Montley Health that has some great recommendations on losing belly fat. There website is .

Does fat distribution affect health risk?

Fat that is collected in the belly region is the most dangerous. Fat in that area collects around important internal organs and is associated with significant health risks. Fat in the buttocks or thighs, etc, doesn't seem to have much of an effect on health.

Will fat cows breed well?

A truly fat cow (and not one with just a round belly) often is considered one that will not breed well due to the fat deposits causing fertility issues.

How can i get belly fat off with out making it obivous?

how can i get belly fat off with out making it obivous

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