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If it is out of specification the rear, yes. If it is in specification, no. Makes sense, doesn't it!

Some cars have adjustable alignment angles in the rear, and do indeed call for a four-wheel alignment. On many cars, there are no rear adjustments, but the front wheels should be aligned with respect to the rear, what is properly called a thrust-angle alignment. Unfortunately, many shops are not careful with their terminology and use the term "four-wheel alignment" when they really mean "thrust-angle alignment." Even so, they usually correctly distinguish between cars that have alignable rear ends and those that don't, and price the job accordingly.

As to whether your car has an alignable rear end, you'll need to refer to a shop manual to find out.

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Q: Does a front wheel drive car need back wheel alignment?
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Front wheel drive.

Which handles better on the road a front wheel drive or a back wheel drive?

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no there wasnt front wheel drive back in those days its a real wheel drive i know because my neighbor has one from that year hope this helps

What is the difference between front wheel drive and a back wheel drive car?

Which wheels provide motive power.

Where is the engine on the VW beetle?

Original is in the back, new ones it's in the front. Old are rear wheel drive, new are front wheel drive.

What does it mean when both front tires spin but the back tires dont?

Probably means you have a "front wheel" drive car....your front tires are what make your car go, not the back. I have front wheel drive on my car and once on a rainy front wheels spun out taking off from a stop sign...wierd! I hate front wheel drive cars!

Where are the sparkplugs located in engine?

if you have rear wheel drive there on the left and right side. but if front wheel drive there in the front and back bothe are below valve covers

Does a front wheel drive car need and all wheel alignment?

Not necessarily, but it should be checked anyway. The front wheels on your car are referenced off the back 'trailing' axle so if the rear axle was off then the entire alignment is off. Older vehicles and many pickups are referenced off the ' driving' or 'fixed' rear axle but the rear axle is non-ajustable where as your cars is. This is a more precise way of alignment.

Where is the transmission located inside the car?

Well depending on if you have a Rear(or all) wheel drive vehicle or a Front wheel drive vehicle it is either on the back(rear and most all wheel drive vehicles) or on the side(front wheel drive vehicles) the easiest way to find it is to Jack up the front or front side of your car and look for it.

Is Toyota Tacoma front wheel drive?

All true trucks are rear wheel drive or 4 wheel drive. Because of towing and payload needs trucks are rear wheel drive or 4wheel drive. If you have a heavy loadd in the back of the truck and it was front wheel drive you would not get any traction, the same as if you towing a load.

Do Nissan Altimas run on the back wheels?

not if your doing a wheely. I assume that you mean if it is a rear wheel drive. No it is front wheel drive

Where do you put snow chains on a 1999 Malibu back or front tires?

Front wheel drive

Where are axles on a car?

If it is a front wheel drive car then the axels are in the front. Just look behind the front wheels and you will see them. If it is a rear wheel drive, then thay are in the back inclosed in the rear end housing.

How do you do a front end alignment on your 69 Plymouth roadrunner?

Wheel alignments require special equipment, but to do a rough alignment,(such as after replacing steering parts)to get you to the alignment shop, you can measure the back of the front tires at center, and the front of the front tire at center and ensure that the two measurements are the same.Then go straight to the shop. Driving with the alignment out wears tires and can result in loss of control.

How can you find out if your 2005 Honda crv is a 2wd or front wheel dri ve?

ALL CR-V's are Front Wheel Drive - if you have a CR-V that is an All Wheel Drive (AWD) there is a simple way to tell. Look under the rear of your vehicle, if you see a drive shaft coming back to the rear axle it is All Wheel Drive. No driveshaft and no axle = strictly Front Wheel Drive only.

Is a wheel alignment necessary when replacing the front axle?

There is no reason you should have to. If the tie rod was knocked out of the spindle it goes back in the same place. Nothing else has any effect on the alignment.

Do tire chains go on front or rear of Chevy Tahoe?

If you are driving in 4 wheel drive, put them on the front tires. If you are driving in 2wd ordon'thave 4 wheel drive, put them on the back.

What does 4 x 2 mean in trucks?

It means that the truck does not have four wheel drive. The truck is rear wheel drive and is pushed from the back. 4x2 means a four-wheel vehicle in which engine power is transmitted to only two axle-ends: the front two in front-wheel drive or the rear two in rear-wheel drive.

What is a front wheel setback?

Set back is when one front wheel is set further back than the other. With alignment equipment that measures toe by using only the front instruments, any setback will cause an uncentered steering wheel. Any good 4-wheel aligner will reference the rear wheels when setting toe in order to eliminate this problem

What size socket do you need to change the wheel bearings on 1998 GMC Jimmy front and back axles?

Need to know if 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive for the front. Either way, there is no nut on the back axles.