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Does a man tend to treat you differently when you give him a lot of attention and if so is it because you are no longer a challenge to him?


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Despite the amount of attention and interest you show in the man, he should treat you with kindness and respect. There are several theories about holding back from letting him know the depth of your affection, availability to go out and so on. However, I think that, in a good relationship, none of that gamesmanship matters. If he likes you, he will show it and you can return the feeling. It is a matter of open communication and comfort with the other person. Maintain honesty and integrity and all should be well, if the feelings are shared. That said, take your time with the attention and interest and return his calls and interest in kind. If he is not good about returning calls (and you haven't made too many)and has lapses in contacting you back, go on with your life and do not try to press the matter. He just may not be as serious as you are.