Does a rabbi has to say something from torah to make food kosher?

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No. The Rabbinical certification of food to make it kosher, involves the ascertaining
that the food has no ingredients or processes forbidden by Jewish law.


To address a few widespread misconceptions on this subject:

-- Nothing that anybody can do or say, including a rabbi, can make non-kosher food kosher.

-- An edible item or preparation is inherently, in and of itself, either kosher or not. It's
often obvious, but just as often, it's not obvious, because the laws that distinguish
one status from the other are complex. In those cases, an individual educated and
trained in the law, and familiar with it, can express an opinion. Note that his opinion
is not what makes it kosher, and it's quite common that some people accept his
opinion while others don't.

-- When the food comes from the supermarket shelf, and not straight off the farm
in full view of the consumer, there is the question of how it was prepared, and
what it came in contact with during processing, cooking, and packaging ... simply
because there were many steps in there that the consumer didn't see. That's
the reason for the organizations that monitor the process, from the farm to the
packaged product, and allow their mark or icon to be printed on the package,
certifying that the product is kosher to the level of the standards of that particular
orgaization. Again, for each organization, there are kosher consumers who accept
the standards of that particular one, and others who don't.
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What is the process to make food Kosher?

In order for food to be kosher it must be prepared with kosher ingredients and following the rules of kashrut. There is no rabbinical blessing involved.

What makes something Kosher for Passover?

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Do kosher foods have to be blessed by a rabbi?

No. If a food item is not kosher (for example because it came froma non-kosher species, or was slaughtered improperly, or was foundto be injured or internally deformed, or was

How do you make food kosher?

You slaughter it in the name of God. Answer: In order to be kosher, food has to be prepared according to the kosher-laws (see Deuteronomy ch.14). * Meat must be from

What rules makes food kosher?

The basic rules of kashrut (Jewish dietary laws) to follow are: * Any meat or poultry has to be certified kosher. * Fish has to be from a kosher species, skin on. If the

What makes something kosher?

The core rules of kashrut (dietary laws) are: * Land animals must have split hooves and chew their cud. * Fish have to have scales and fins. * Birds cannot be amongst t

How do you make kosher food?

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Why do Jews have to make their food kosher?

Jews eat kosher food due to the various laws laid out in the Bible, mostly in Leviticus and Deuteronomy, in which G-d instructs mankind as to which foods are permitted to us a

What makes food non-kosher?

If it contains items that aren't kosher (non-kosher meat, processed foods, etc) or are made in such a way as to violate the laws of kashrut (combining meat and milk, etc).
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Can a Rabbi make food kosher?

No. In order for food to be kosher it must be prepared according to the laws of kashrut. If food is not prepared following these laws, there is no way to make it kosher.
In Tanakh and Talmud

Does the rabbi read the Torah at synagague?

That would be a perfectly acceptable practice, but it's not necessarily the Rabbi's job. Any adult (13 or older) Jewish male who is capable of preparing the portion and re