Does a repossession remain on your credit report if you get the vehicle back?

It remains for 7 years, from the date of repossession/charge-off, even if you get the vehicle back. However,If you don't pay the loan off, after it was repoed, then the original creditor MAY get a judgment against you, that judgment will stay on your credit report for 10 years. Unless you are able to settle out of court.

It can; however, depend on the lender and the situation. Some might not put a repo on your credit if you redeem the vehicle promptly and stay current from then on. If they have to sell your vehicle at auction, you most definitely will get a repo on your credit. I know of some people who redeemed their car and never had a repo reported, just the lates.

BTW, even if you get a repo on your credit, you have a good chance of disputing it off. You can dispute a lot of things off your reports, even if they are legit. Been there, done that.