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Does a temporary head gasket sealer work on a 1978 Monte Carlo?

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Not likely.... I'd never use anything "temporary" on a head gasket.

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How do you change the timing cover gasket in a 1999 Chevy Monte Carlo LS 3.1?

video to learn how to replace the engine gasket..upper & lower gasket for 1999 Monte Carlo.

No heat when idling on 2006 Monte Carlo?

I am have the same problem with my 06 Monte Carlo LT. Took to the dealer. Its a head gasket leak.

How much does it cost to repair a head gasket?

How to replace head gasket on 05 3.4 monte carlo

Coolant drain plug for 2005 Monte Carlo?

has the red coolant in a 2005 monte carlo been changed since reports on it deteriorating the head gasket?

How much does a 1998 Monte Carlo head gasket cost?

around $25.00 canadian for the part

How much will it cost to replace head gasket in 95 Monte Carlo?

If you have it done it will be at least $1,000.

How muck does it cost for 2001 Monte Carlo Blown head gasket?

figure on at least $1,000.

What are the causes of water in oil on 3.1 v6 98 Monte Carlo?

Blown head gasket.

1999 Chevy Monte Carlo coolant leak 3100 engine near intake manifold can anyone help?

I just had my intake gasket changed on my 99 Monte Carlo for the same thing. My cousin is a mechanic and has changed the same gasket on several cars with the 3.1 engine. The gasket is about $60 - $75 plus labor.

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Why is my 95 Monte Carlo leaking water from behind the thermostat?

thermostat gasket probably leaking. replace thermostat and gasket making sure that thermostat housing is flat.

1999 Monte Carlo intake gasket replacement?

Most libraries have repair manuals you can copy with step by step instructions.

Why do Engine coolant leak into engine oil 1996 Chevy Monte Carlo?

It's probably a head gasket problem.

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