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You have a choice to stay in your employer's plan or join Medicare. When you do stop working and lose your group health plan, make sure you enroll in Medicare within 8 months.

You could also enroll in Medicare Part A (hospital coverage), and postpone enrolling in Part B (physician coverage) until you are done with your group health plan. Part A does not cost you a monthly premium. You would be over-insured, but the Part A benefit is available to you at age 65, whether you have other coverage or not.

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Q: Does an employee with existing group health insurance have to enroll into Medicare at age 65 buy a supplemental plan then drop the group health insurance?
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Is supplemental health insurance worth the cost?

Yes, supplemental health insurance is worth the cost, assuming that your version of Medicare does not cover all costs, including prescriptions and doctors visits. Supplemental coverage is worth the cost if you feel that your primary insurance is not adequate. If you are satisfied with your existing policy than it may not be worth the cost.

What is meant by the term Humana Supplemental Insurance?

Humana is a medical insurance company. Supplemental insurance refers to add ons to an existing policy. Supplemental insurance can cover deductibles, co-pays and other expenses not covered by a policy.

Can you add your wife to your existing Medicare insurance if she is unemployed?

With Medicare, you are on your own plan individually. Your wife, when eligible, would be on her own plan and not added to your existing plan.

What insurance is comparable to Medicare?

None. Medicare is far superior to any private insurance. The premiums are low, there are no restrictions for pre-existing conditions, and Medicare overhead is less than 10% compared to as much as 40% for private insurers.

What Is Supplemental Insurance and Do You Need It?

You may have heard of supplemental insurance but not felt clear about what it is, or whether you need it. You may have heard the term "Medicare supplement" and thought that supplemental insurance is only for Medicare recipients. Or you may have questions about exactly how supplemental insurance fits into your financial and healthcare needs. Supplemental insurance is exactly what it sounds like: Insurance that pays over and above what your primary insurance policy covers. It is not intended to replace the insurance you have now. Rather, it is intended to provide coverage for expenses not included in your existing insurance plan. You can think of supplemental insurance as picking up the tab for the expenses that you would normally pay out of pocket. These policies might pay your deductible, for instance. You may also buy supplemental insurance to cover hospitalization or intensive care costs that your insurance does not cover. Cancer policies are a popular form of supplemental insurance, as are accident and accidental death policies. These policies cover the additional hospitalization and doctor expenses over the spending cap of many traditional policies. In deciding whether you need supplemental insurance, consider the coverage you already have, as well as your financial circumstances. If your policy has limitations, as most do, you may want to consider speaking with an agent about the supplemental insurance coverage available to you. Most of us cannot afford to become catastrophically ill or suffer a life-threatening or fatal accident. While our insurance policies cover most of our normal medical needs, chances are they would not cover all of a major illness or injury. If you don't know what your current insurance covers, find out, and consider how you would handle an injury or illness that "maxed out" your insurance. If you have any doubt about your ability to financially weather a medical disaster, you probably do need supplemental insurance. Supplemental insurance may be likened to wearing a belt and suspenders. Most of the time your current coverage will meet all of your needs, but when it does not, supplemental insurance will make things easier for you.

Is there supplemental disability insurance?

Yes, and it's recommended to add supplemental disability insurance to cover closer to 100% of your income. If you have disability insurance through your employer, your benefit will be capped at 66% of your income. The benefit received from a group disability policy (through your employer) is taxable. Supplemental disability insurance benefits are not taxable. You can add Catastrophic rider on an individual disability insurance policy, to cover up to 100% of your income in combination with your existing employer group DI.

What is the best medical supplemental insurance?

The amount and type of insurance coverage should be determined by your age and existing or future medical condition. Insurers are rated by the company called Bests Rating Service.

Could you get free health insurance with a pre existing condition?

Having a pre-existing condition can be tricky, when looking for health insurance. If you are unable to work, I would first contact the Social Security office and see if you qualify for Medicaid insurance or Medicare insurance. Each company is going to be different, so you will need to ask each company to see if the pre-existing condition will be a problem.

What are my health insurance options in Mississippi?

Mississipi like other states offers many of the standard health insurance options such as; individual, and family plans; Medicare supplemental plans; short term, and student coverage. One option that Mississippi has, that not all other states have is an insurance risk pool. This plan is designed to help those who can afford health insurance, but may not be able to purchase the regular health coverage, because of pre-existing health conditions.

What is meaning of subsisting insurance?

Existing insurance

Is there homeowners insurance that covers pre-existing conditions?

No. Homeowners insurance does not cover un-repaired, pre-existing conditions.

Can you purchase dental insurance if you have existing insurance through work?


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