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Yes, marlin has now release their thumbhole stocks for models vst and vt to the public. Price is $99, but you have to call them. Their website isn't even updated enough to show the new models, let alone the stocks. The number is listed on the website however. Also, Revival gunstocks has been rumored to sell their tundra for the Marlin, but I haven't been able to confirm this since their phone lines were down when I called them. They list only Ruger 10/22 stocks on their website. This answer is assuming you are talking about the Marlin 917.

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Q: Does anybody make a thumb hole stock for a marlin 17hmr bolt action?
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What is the value of a marlin model 39 straight stock early 1900?

The first Model Marlin 39 was made from 1922-1938.There were no Marlin model 39 lever action rifles made in 1900.

Where can you buy a laminated stock for your marlin 925M?

You can get them from Marlin....

Will a marlin 917 stock fit a marlin 917m2?


Where can i find a stock for marlin 444?

Try or Marlin.

Can a Marlin 881 stock fit a model 81?

No, a Marlin 881 stock cannot fit in a model 81. The stock would fit an 881, not an 81.

What is the the stock made of on a Marlin 30-30 Model AW?

I believe that the marlin model 30AW(all weather) stock was a walnut finished birch stock.

Where can locate a laminated stock for a marlin 336 rifle?

they can be purchased directly from Marlin Firearms.

Can you purchase a composite stock for a marlin 915Y?

According to Marlin, No they do not. I can not locate one myself

Can you Mount a different bore barrel on the stock of a Marlin 80?

If the action will handle the caliber and if someone makes one and if the barrel profile is the same, yes.

Does anyone make a pistol grip style stock for a Marlin bolt action 22 magnum rifle or can any other stock be customized to this rifle?

Although I have seen some straight-stocked Marlin lever action rifles, as far as I can recall, every Marlin bolt action rifle I ever saw came from the factory with a pistol grip stock. If by "pistol grip stock" you mean a stock like the police sometimes use on riot guns, with just a pistol grip, and no shoulder stock on it, I've never heard of it, and can't imagine why anyone would want one. I would check with the local authorities before I started cutting off buttstocks to make my own. I believe there are legal limits to how short some firearms can be. Hope that helps.

Where can you get a stock for a glenfield model 20?

Boyds gun stocks and I believe the marlin mod 80 will be compatible, if not then a bit of wood working will be needed to fit the action.

What is a marlin model 30as?

The Marlin model 30AS was a No frills model of the model 336 marlin lever action rifle.This model was formerly a model of the Glenfield line of rifles.They were made from 1983-2000.These rifles were chambered in 30-30 Win.only.They had a 20in.barrel and a walnut finished birch stock.

What is required to retrofit a new 917VST thumbhole stock to a Marlin 917vs?

For one, the stock.

How much is a Marlin 22 LR bolt action rifle model 25 Glenfield 16-12 bbl with a modified stock worth?


Can the bullpup muzzlelite stock fit the marlin glenfield 60?

There is a Bullpup Muzzlelite stock specifically made for the Marlin model 60 rifle. As I type this the retail price is about $150.

Does Marlin make a 44 mag or 45 cal rifle with a pistol grip stock?

Don't think so. That is the Marlin 1894S, and all that I have seen have the straight stock, unlike the Model 336 with a pistol grip stock..

Where can you purchase a stock for your marlin 30 30 model 36?

Go straight to Marlin, there prices are not bad and you will get the right one

Is a glenfield scope 4x32 stock on a marlin 39a?

The typical Marlin 39A does not have a scope. They are drilled and tapped that one can be added.

Does anyone have a marlin 30-30 with gold coin in stock?

I have a 30as with a gold medalion in the stock.

Looking to find out about a marlin no 47 22 cal pump action rifle patd US mar 24 1908?

I own the same rifle and basically Marlin gave this rifle away in 1930 if 4 shares of stock were purchased. It is a rare gun. Hold on to it!

Where can you a stock for a western field model 740a lever action?

You have a Marlin 336. Try these sources: Numrich Jack First Bob's Gun Shop

Where can you get a wood stock for a Marlin 880sq?

What is the value of 22 marlin with a squirrel on the stock?

50-100 USD

What is the value of 22 rifle marlin model 80 gold trigger and medallion in stock walnut stock?


What is a marlin 925C?

It is an 8 shot .22 caliber rifle manufactured by marlin firearms company it has a blued barrel and a mossyoak camo stock hence the c in 925c, a plain 925 has a walnut stock