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Warning: Before taking 5-HTP please be aware that taking 5-HTP may have side-effects. (You can Google '5-HTP side effects' for more information). In my experience 5-HTP can help serotonin deficiency but there are some serious side effects to consider if you are not serotonin deficient. Using 5-HTP on a long term basis, when not serotonin deficient, may lead to serious illness or eventually death, according to information available on the internet. Answer If 5-HTP is taken orally, it breaks down before it get to your brain. Answer Vitamin B-6 within your liver has been identified as the compound which breaks down 5-HTP before it crosses the blood-brain barrier. A diet low in B-6 intake might aid in allowing more 5-HTP to reach the brain. Answer If you are referring to the use of 5-HTP to recover from anxiety, in relation to a comedown that is experienced for 3 days after taking MDMA or MDA or ecstasy... In my, and many of my friends' experiences, the absolute best way to recover from a comedown is to know that for days afterwards you are going to feel emotional, and that your anxiety levels will most likely be higher than ever, and be prepared; Be prepared before and after by: taking your vitamins; limiting your water intake to no more than 250ml an hour of water if you are idle, or 400ml an hour if you are active; stay hydrated with sports drinks but STAY AWAY FROM energy drinks and be healthy... For the most part you cant do any thing about it... that's why i say be prepared and it will go away in no more than a week. Good luck... hope i wasn't off base.. and if i was i hope i helped someone! Answer I have tried 5-HTP for depression and anxiety. It might have had a very mild uplifting effect for my mood but it was so mild that it was hardly noticable. It wasn't enough to make me want to carry on taking it. But... I didn't take it for very long, and maybe it would be more effective if taken everyday for 2 weeks or more; Maybe its effects would build up over a few weeks like anti-depressants do. I wouldn't advise anyone to take any single amino acid or protein over a long period of time because that could cause the body to be become imbalanced... If one amino acid is taken in excess, then all the other proteins and amino acids are not processed in a balanced way, so caution is advised. If you do try it out, be sure to take it with plenty of water because if it sits in your stomach it can stimulate your stomach muscles to contract and induce vomiting!

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Q: Does anyone have experience using 5-HTP for anxiety?
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Can you take 5HTP with Mirtazapine?

5htp interaction with mirtazepine

Can you give your cat 5htp to sleep?


Can you take sam-e with 5htp?

Yes, you can take SAM-E with 5htp. They both affect different neurotransmitters and are not like mixing various drugs together.

Can you take 5-htp and Ativan at the same time?

should be ok, but ativan is a depressant tranquilliser so why would you need to take 5htp which is an atidepressant.?? There is a risk of doubling sedation in some and in others the 5htp will counteract the sedative of the ativan. I doubt either is what you want. I dont think its dangerous but just unnecesary. iF YOU ARE JUST TREATING ANXIETY Since they are both short acting, you should take the 5htp in the morning and the ativan at bedtime.

Can you mix Prednisone with 5 HTP?

Can you mix prednisone with 5htp

Can you take adderall tenex and 5htp together?

pollo a KARA..WHERE LOCATED/ HOW MUCH? 862 242 9463

Does 5htp increase or decrease dopamine in the brain when it increases serotonin?

I dont know, but would love to. Any neuroscientists that could chime in?

Can you take Zoloft and 5htp?

NO. To mix the two could cause serotonin syndrome which can be fatal. If you are not getting enough of an effect from your Zoloft, ask your Doctor to increase the dosage.

Is it safe to take Yaz birth control and 5htp or SaME?

This is something you will want to ask your doctor about to make sure there are no drug interactions that may cause your birth control to fail.

What are the supplements to fibromyalgia?

There are supplements known as 5htp and Sam e. These have been known to help relive some symptoms of fibromyalgia. Supplements such as these may help relieve some of your symptoms.

Is it good to take 5 HTP instead of ssri drugs?

5HTP has not been thoroughly tested. I don't think that insurance will cover it. So, best try SSRIs first.

Can you take 5htp and seredyn together?

No, you should not take these 2 medications together because they both are in the same class of drug and treat the same things. These drugs are used to treat depression and fibromyalgia.

Does 5htp work for depression?

Without knowing too much about the subject, I'm quite sure it would work. It's used for treating "downers" provoced by ecstasy and drugs alike.

Can you take 5 htp with 5mg of diazepam safely together?

5HTP raises the neurotransmitter serotonin levels in the brain. Diazepam makes the neurotransmitter GABA more available in the brain. These two medications do not interact because they work on different neurotransmitters. They can be taken together.Be carefull mixing 5HTP with other drugs which work on serotonin like: SSRI's like Prozac and other antidepressants, tricyclic antidepressants, tramadol, St John s Worth, XTC, etc. This will raise serotonin levels too high and can be dangerous.

Can you take adderall and 5 htp together?

I take 30 mg of Adderall XR daily (except weekends). I've been taking 5htp as well to stabilize my moods. I haven't had any problems and I feel like I have been sleeping better in addition to having more stable moods. I noticed that I was becoming easily aggravated, angry and had almost no patience. I take 200mg of 5htp every day in the morning, with my multi and my Adderall and I haven't noticed any negative side effects. I've only been doing this for about two weeks however. I am unsure of the long term effects.

Can you take SAM-E and St Johns Wort and 5HTP at the same time?

Talk to an herb savvy psychiatrist about that. That may give you too much serotonin, have bad side effects or adverse reactions (notably SAMe and the heart).

Can you take Concerta and 5-HTP?

My doctor said its ok and none of my research online has shown any reason why it would be dangerous. As it affects different neurotransmitter systems there should be no interaction. Personally, its the only way I can take Concerta (36mg). Without 5htp I get anxious, antisocial and suffer from tics (exessive blinking). It also helps me "shift gear" and not get so stuck on one thing. It seems that the resulting rise in serotonin has a balacing effect on the increase in dopamine/noradrenaline. Note that I am and adult and 5htp might well have different effects on the brain of a developing child. Rather check with your doctor to be sure. Willem

Can 5htp be taken with methadone?

Both increase serotonin levels, so it would be silly to take both. Now, if you take methadone in the morning, and begin getting shaky at night and cannot sleep, it would be o.k. to take it at night for sleep only...not during the day and not together with methadone!

What vitamin can prevent mental diseases or mental disorders?

Alcohol induced disorders like Korsakoff psychosis or Wernicke encephalopathy may be prevented using Vitamin B1 (thiamine). Age related mental illnesses may be averted (theoretically) by antioxidant vitamins like vitamins A,E,C etc. However, this needs to be substantiated. For general mental well being, you can use something called 5htp. It helps replenish serotonin ( the chemical that activates happiness in the brain). The better you feel, the less likely you are to succumb to a mental illness. And with an

Can you take st johns wart 5 htp and melatonin?

St Johns Wort has the same affect as 5HTP,they are both precursors of serotonin. Serotonin being the precursor to Melatonin. Keeping it simple if you take melatonin then start on a low dosage 1.5mg-3mg taking . Larger doses not being analogous to being more affective. Also if your body is low in Melatonin then it will work. If you find you take it and it doesn't have the desired affect with in a short time then your body has enough Melatonin and is not the reason you are experiencing sleep problems and you don't need it. Also some people report experiencing depression and dark moods with melatonin this possibly due to the body not requiring the extra melatonin. It may be better to try supplementing them separately to see which works best. Some people do well on only 5HTP. It is interesting to note that 5HTP-serotonin are produced during the day ready to be converted when darkness sets to be transformed into Melatonin. Also there is a very strong connection with Vitamin D deficiency and insomnia and depression. Vitamin D is the Sunshine hormone so that would also be worth looking into. A deficiency in the daytime hormones or their precursors can affect melatonin levels. Just take note of how you react to each one separately and base your judgment on that.

If you are currently taking a tricyclic antidepressant Clomipramine 50mg per daycould you benefit from taking 5-HTP at the same time or as with SSRI's should this action be monitored by your doctor?

50mg of clomipramine (Anafranil) is not a therapeutic dose. Usual dosages are 150mg-300mg. Better try SSRIs, SNRIs, Wellbutrin or others before clomipramine, because it has many and strong side effects. However clomipramine is a very strong anti-depressant, it would reduce anxiety and it is the most potent med for OCD. 5HTP should have far fewer side effects than clomipramine, but it has not been thoroughly been studied. For this reason, it is unlikely that a doctor would recommend it. ALWAYS work with your doctor. If you have no results, change doctors, but don't do anything on yourself.

Can you take Zyrtec and 5-HTP together or will it cause severe drowsiness?

After taking 50mg before bed for a week my allergy symptoms have left. Having year-long allergies I'm left feeling confused... But when I did take them together I didn't notice any drowsiness. Test it out yourself! And I would suggest you take 5htp before bed to reduce any chance of drowsiness.

How long are the side effects of the drug Molly?

usally a week .... 3 days after takin molly i usally feel depressed and emotional due to lack of seretonine ...... the day after u take molly take a supplement called 5htp your body will turn it into seretonine then u will recover faster .... l-tyrosine is a good supplement too that gets turned into dopamine ...... hope this helps

Can 5htp test like marijuana?

No absolutely not. 5-HTP is the precursor to 5-HT (serotonin), which is why it seems to alleviate depression and other issues associated with low serotonin. Marijuana tests look for metabolites related to the drug, which are completely different from 5-HTP. You have 5-HTP in your system without taking the supplement, your body makes it naturally from the amino acid Tryptophan. You will not however have any marijuana metabolites without smoking/ingesting some of the green stuff !

Is it okay to take SamE 5htp and Wellbutrin XL together since Wellbutrin works primarily on dopamine and the others on seratonin?

Of course, I must insist that you speak with your doctor about this, however... It is thought, but not completely proven, that Wellbutrin works primarily on dopamine and norepinephrine, while SamE and 5-HTP affect serotonin. This would lead one to believe that this combination is safe, personally I have taken Wellbutrin and 5-HTP together with no side effects. Yet again, ask your doctor before combining a prescription drug with any other drug, chemical or herb.