Does anyone know how the wiring goes for installing a CD player in a 1993 xlt explorer need help can't seem to bypass or install with factory amplifier?

well it depends, on mine you have two (blue) remote turn on wires, one for the "power antenna" and one for remote amp turn on. take either of those and run it to the blue wire on your aftermarket harness (like $13 at wal mart or something stupid) and the rest is all color match white and gray are fronts green and purple are rear you don't need the orange wire because its an illumination wire and the CD player automatically lights up with no dimming properties. yellow is your 12v (+) constant memory wire, red is accessory (turns CD player on with key in acc. and on position. in this case you don't want to bypass the amp, as it will help your sound out, if you wanted to do away with the factory amp you would only have to run RCA's to the aftermarket amp and route the speaker wires from the amp to the factory location. could be a pain. hope this helps