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Q: Does colonial North Carolina have freedom of religion?
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Did Colonial North Carolina have religious freedom?

YES! They did! There was mostly Prostant Religion though.

What religion was colonial North Carolina?

it is that if colonials are disagreedmentory then its not true

What was the biggest trade in colonial North Carolina?

what was the biggest trade in colonial north Carolina

What was the role of religion in colonial North Carolina?

the role was big because it affected how the government worked

Freedoms of colonial North Carolina?

There was a lot of them like farting and using the bathroom on your own but mostly freedom.

Who were North Carolina's colonial leaders?

Edward the second was colonial North Carolina's first founder

What religions were practiced in colonial North Carolina?

The religions that were practiced in colonial North Carolina were the Anglican and the Jewish religions.

Why did they discover North Carolina?

North Carolina was discovered because many years ago their king was making people to do what he wanted and also because they were looking for freedom of religion.

When was colonial North Carolina settled?

North Carolina was settled in 1663.

What were some occupations in colonial North Carolina?

Some occupations in colonial North Carolina were: Sewing, craftmen, artisticfeatureics, & fishing.

What kind of religion did North Carolina have?

North Carolina has and had many religions there is no specific religion to this state.

Religion for colonial North Carolina?

The religion is protestant and catholic. I'm pretty sure it was angelican which is a type of Christianity where you attend church every day.

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